Monday, 11 June 2007



We have bank voles in our garden. I never knew what a vole was until we moved here.

:-) They are so cute.

This weekend the voles were really active. I put some left-over boiled potatoes out for the birds on Saturday, but that evening Mrs Vole came and rolled them away home. I can imagine the whole vole family had a wonderful dinner as the potatoes were bigger than they are. They live under the wooden decking by the back shed. Even during the daytime we see these little heads popping up between the wooden slats, to see if it is safe. Good idea to be careful as we have a fox, barn owls and tawny owls in our area.

Last night I was making tea when I realised there was a vole perched on the bird feeder! It's one of those tubular hanging things that hold seed or peanuts. A vole was there sitting on one of the perches trying to get a peanut out. He had a tiny paw through the mesh, but couldn't pull the peanut through. It was too dark to see if he managed to get the peanut out or not. I'm betting he did.


Amel's Realm said...

AWWWW...yes, it's SO CUTE!!! I have never heard a vole before he good new info for me. :-))))

Epimenides said...

Cutest little things! I miss having a big garden :(

Anonymous said...

That is one cute vole! I've never seen a real vole before but you just reminded me of, Where is Kipper's Teddy Bear, at least I think that was the name of the book, "A hole in the ground with a mound is a mole's, this hole without is a vole's..." I always wondered what a vole was but never got around to looking it up. Mystery solved! :)

Jeff said...

Voles . . . I heard of them, but I can't remember where. I am a naturist at heart, so I really appreciate this post.

Dustinzgirl said...

Michelle, those are cute...for big rat looking creatures!

: P


The Real Mother Hen said...

Look very much like a mouse - oh I sure run while screaming for help :)

Michelle said...

Amel and Epi
They are cute! I love having a big garden, but it's a lot of work keeping it tidy etc.

I must admit I didn't have a clue what a vole was until recently either. They look a lot like hamsters in shape and size, but bigger ears.

Me too. Now I know there are other nature-lovers reading I'll add more stuff to my blog. :-)

No, they're pretty small actually. That's just a real close-up photo.

Mother Hen
Our landlady, who owns this house, is terrified of mice and voles. I think that's half the reason she moved out!