Friday, 3 October 2008

Last Holiday pics - Gretna

I completely forgot these last holiday snaps from our trip in June/July. These were taken on our way home back through Gretna.

The Blacksmith's shop from the side...

From the front...
The shops behind. There were some nice shops and an even nicer restaurant. The shops seemed a bit pricey, but the food was fairly priced and they really loaded our plates.
Where the weddings are held...
A nice sculpture of birds...
...and finally - a black and white fuzzy cow. It doesn't show up in this photo, but the cow actually had long fuzzy fur. :-)



  1. We have a cow here that looks a bit like that called a Beltie, don't know if it's very furry though.

    What's with the glass room outside the wedding hall? Seems to small to be of much use, was it very big?

  2. Hi Genie

    The Highland cattle here are very fuzzy/shaggy and I did wonder if this black/white one was a cross-breed. You get black highland cows, but not spotty/patchy ones.

    I've never heard of Belties. I'll look them up. In South Africa we lived in a dairy farming area. Most of the cattle were Friesland or African cattle breeds, but one farmer had miniature cattle from... Belgium? They were black and about the same size as shetland ponies. So CUTE!

    As for the glass box thing at Gretna. You know I hadn't even noticed! I was in the shop browsing when my dad took that photo. I suspect it's to keep rain off people getting married outside the blacksmith's shop, but it looks awfully narrow. Obviously guests don't count, but then I suppose since Gretna was where you eloped to they don't really cater for guests. :-D

  3. What an interesting place!!! Never seen such a place here, of course he he he...

    LOVE all the pics! ;-D Too bad I've never seen a cow from close-up. I've only seen horses from nearby he he...

  4. Neat-o, really. I once went to Prague and found a blacksmith who crafted for me a cool little ring; I still wear it today though three years have passed.

  5. I know they have fuzzy cows up north, way too hot for shaggy cows here in Texas though.

    Belties look like oreo cookies, they look a lot like your photo. I'm not at all familiar with Friesland or African cattle breeds. I'm barely familiar with the breeds we're raising! Miniature cattle sound fun!

    So Gretna is the place to elope, huh? That's awesome. The glass shelter makes a lot of sense for eloping couples! Downright genius, actually!

  6. Hi Michelle > Is that a statue of some sort (in picture number two) in the garden in front of the shop?

  7. I love the quaint shops! Does the Tartan shop sell quilts?

  8. Very lovely photos, Michelle. The shops look cute and quaint. I bet you had a fun time. :)

  9. I like looking at cows up close. Well done and inside a whole wheat bun.

    I am looking forward to the next time you're on holiday. These pics were great.

  10. I like those shops that you took pictures of. In fact, I like a lot of the pictures you take, Michelle!!