Monday, 19 January 2009


Giggles are to the soul what bubbles are to champagne


storyteller's other blog said...

Lovely thought ... beautiful image!
Hugs and blessings,

Burcu said...

What a meaningful phrase Michell "Giggles are to the soul what bubbles are to champagne"...
Sometimes i see children in the street trying to make bubbles using an item with liquid in a plastic bottle. With each bubble they cheer up more and more and the most beautiful thing is to see their laughters while they try to touch off the bubbles...



Bitter Chocolate said...

Love that statement, couldn't be more precise!

jc said...

Just had a browse around your blog. Interesting and original posts. I live in the Highlands (and have crows in the garden!)so recognised many of the views in the photos.

Amias said...

You are so right!
This is a beautiful picture .. so vivid! I love it it one of your original?

PV said...

Great picture! I hope you have lots of giggles

tsduff said...


I have no words -

What a beautiful place to be.

Derik said...


Michelle said...

Thank you
I wrote that down after I'd been talking to a friend. She was feeling stressed, but then we started giggling at something and we both felt better. And my brain said "giggles are like bubbles."

hugs back! :-)

Bubbles are magical when you are a child. I still like watching them when I wash the dishes and sometimes tiny bubbles fly up from the soap container. :-D

Bitter Chocolate
Hi and thank you.

Hi and welcome! I love the crows here, they make me laugh. I'm in Moray, but if I ever win the lottery I'm moving to Drumnadrochit. :-D

No, I found the photo online, but the words are mine.

Thanks, and as for giggles... I try! ;-)

Hi Terry
Crows know all about how laughter adds sparklies to the soul. :-)

Vince S said...

I really love the bubbles picture and I also love the new picture that accompanies your blog, the row of trees. It's really beautiful. You don't get a lot of snow there, do you??

cat said...

soooo true!

ya know, i'm so happy today, i've been giggling off and on...and humming.

this is a great photo. light is a wonderful thing.

Michelle said...

Hi Vince
That wonderful photo of the trees was taken by my husband and it's not snow - it's ice.

According to hubby they used to geta lot of snow from October/November till March/April, but nowadays (last ten years) it's been less and less each year. We have snow on the higher areas at the moment, but nothing around the coast where we are.

giggling and humming? Keep it up! :-)

Daisy said...

Love the photo and the words to accompany it are perfect. Hope you have a great day today. :D

Sandy said...

Oh wow, this is so beautiful!!! I came here from Daisy's blog.

Michelle said...

Daisy and Sandy
Thank you and WELCOME over Sandy! :-)


I missed your question, sorry. Ummm... what exactly is it aimed at - the photo, the words or...?

OrOne said...

It doesn't have reason but makes great sense. The picture is stunning!