Wednesday, 17 June 2009

First Light Update

I've finally received notification that the properly edited version of my book, First Light, is now available!

If you're unsure about ordering a book - the new corrected version has 308 pages where the original only had 304. AND... the new edited version has a thank you in the front to my parents and husband Alexander. The old one had his nickname, "Sandy". The Alexander book is the correct book. :-)

It was available at all the versions. It is also now available at Waterstone's, Borders Books, W H Smith and Tesco online in the UK and Barnes & Noble in the US.

I was hoping to change the old cover, but wasn't able to this time. I have been working on a few ideas and here's what I'd like, if I had the choice.


Jeff said...

Hey Michelle: I ha e been out of circulation for a while. I just might be back! Congrats on your book! I am both proud and envious! :)

Michelle said...

Hey Jeff! :-D

How nice to see you back on blogger. How have you been? If you're back blogging I'll be back reading. :-)

If you want to read the how/what/why of my new book you can check all the blog posts tagged "First Light".

Connie said...

Good news! :D

I like the new cover better. Hope it works out for you eventually.

Live, Love, Laugh, Write! said...

That's very exciting! I'm still hoping to pick it up at some point :) Just need a wee bit more funds :P

Bogey said...

Thanks for the update Michelle. I do plan on getting the second copy. That second cover does look awesome but the original cover still does the trick. It has more of a mysterious cover; kind of like the story itself. It was definitely a great read and I recommend it to anybody who stops by your blog on a regular basis. Reading is believing! Okay, those Woo! Woo's! in the background are a bit freaky!

Michelle said...


Thank you. :-) I made it myself, with the help of some kind photographers who share their work. This time around my funds didn't cover (no pun intended LOL) a new edit and a new cover.

Hi Rose
I hope your business improves and I hope you get to read my book (and enjoy it!) some day.

First (LOL) I killed the manic woo kitties. You were right - they were a bit freaky.

Now, thank you for liking the first cover (it was the closest they offered me to the "feel" of the book, which is why I chose it) and thanks for being so supportive. It's people like you that keep me going. You'll find the new version is longer because I did add a bit here and there. I'm tempted to challenge you to find where those snippets are. *grin*

Bogey said...

Challenge away Dear Girl, challenge away! I don't know who edited your first release, and this is not meant as a slight, but I managed to find a fair amount of the editing issues you were referring to as I read thru the pages. Because you let me know in advance, I was primed to look for them. I'm going to wait until I have time on the week end to order the 2nd issue. Continued luck Michelle. I hope this added exposure will result in more sales for you and that you continue writing. Haven't seen much of you lately but I hope your health has also been improving.

Word verification: hostor (hmmm perhaps yet another name)

Blur Ting said...

I like the new cover! And wow, 300+ pages! You're good.

Hayden said...

Congrats! You must be flying high!

Tint~ said...

What? You added more? It gets better? Ok, I'm saving =Þ I do hope you eventually get the cover you want. To me, though, the book is just plain good. I must take a look at the other places that sell the book and see if they take reviews.

This is exciting, my friend. I'm happy for you :)

Michelle said...

I'm amazed myself. And to think in school I'd struggle to write a two page essay! ;-)

Hayden and Tint
Thank you both! :-)

Amel said...

CONGRATS on the edited version!!! :-))) I like the cover you want, but for some reason I like the picture with black again HA HA HA HA HA...Anyway, GOOD LUCK with your book selling!!! :-))) Thumbs up for you!!!

Anonymous said...

Hello Michelle,
The color of the new cover is just beautiful and the whole image looks so smoothing and inspirational. I like the previous cover as well, but don't know which might suit your book better.
Your new banner of Crow's Feet is very romantic. Looks like you are bringing colors and natures in lately.

Michelle said...


Thank you! I'm glad you like the old cover too. It does fit the story, funny enough.

Hi OrOne

Thank you. In a way they both suit the story. The One I did was to depict one of the characters - Daen who is an artist. The old cover kind of fits the "theme" of the whole story... about the light and why it is so important on Daen's world. :-)

Tessa said...

Huge congratulations, Michelle! How wonderful....I'm off to Amazon right now! (Love, love the second cover - maybe for book which accompanies the film?!)

Imperviouschild said...

Second edition with more snippets added? I take on your challenge and raise you... oh ... I'll have to get back to you on that one. I like the second cover, but the first cover has grown on me and I too agree that it fits the book a bit more for the journey inside.

Vasant Prabhu said...

Michelle - I have not read your book as yet, so am not sure what's the essence of it. I am of the opinion that the cover of any Book should bear great semblance to its character (i.e., its content & theme). Of course it has to be catchy to have high marketing quotient!(on first impression both the covers score high on that count)

Michelle said...


Thank you! :-)

Hi Imp
Thanks for the feedback on the covers. I appreciate it. :-)

Given what you said... I think the first cover probably fits better, even though the second one is probably "prettier". Thank you for your insights.