Thursday, 9 July 2009

From "Coffee to go" to "Book to go"

Below this post is a YouTube video of a machine that some say is about to change the world of publishing forever - the Espresso Book Machine.

The EBM can make a book for you in minutes. You simply browse the computerised catalogue, pick the book you want, choose your cover and... wait. An average paperback takes about 2 to 3 minutes.

You can choose to print anything from an old out-of-print classic to a new hot best seller. Not only that... you can also upload your own document and print your own copy of your own book. I'm rather excited to find out that the printers of my own book, Lightning Source, are involved in this new venture.

At the moment the EBM is scattered around the globe in a few universities and book stores, but the numbers are growing. In the future you could literally get your coffee and book to go!



Tint~ said...

Sounds super. I had a brainwave that involved putting my blog into a book as a keepsake some day. Uh... yeah... maybe =Þ I do want to publish Tat's poetry in a book as a gift for her. I'm going to look into this.

Amel's Realm said...

WOWWWWWW!!!! That's quite an invention!!! :-D

Derik said...

Alright, ok, alright, ok, alright, ok. So it certainly has been a time, and I see you've been quite busy, too, what with the book, the pictures, the hay fever &c. Also sorry to hear you've got the same despair I've got, but now that it's been a couple of weeks or even a month since then and I've gained new information and sort of 'level up' I guess I can put childish things to bed, or however it goes. I hope your summer is progression nicely and that you're making the most of what you have; so much of our lives and attitudes are focused on how we deal with what we have--the content is continuously changing, but the methods are the same, and they are those methods which govern the personalities behind them, almost as if we are but slaves to action and reaction rather than fathers and mothers of new actions--the thought has come to us already and been dealt, now we are helpless to react and washed to believe that this age-old phenomena is new material; only the human brain could devise such an intricate trap.

But I propose more interaction for the sake of progression. I always feel I'm on the edge of something new and exciting, and even when something new and exciting like java book to go idea shoots up into my vision I with ferocity destroy and refocus the laser-tunnel vision destined to bring logic and reason into the foreground.

That got off topic quickly; gives you an idea of the state of mind. But I was very glad to see you had spent time at my place when I was absent and so I'll se what you've got to say, though I think this is my reaction. More new material, we both must endure. Physical health is moot and ignorable; there are more important things happening than death or life or even less virus or bacteria. What's next, we name gingivitises=s as the next H1N1P1U1D1J1Linfinity pandemic the hardest most difficult and deadly strain of the virus which released itself directly into the atmosphere and kill two hundred times faster than the leading killer withoutslowing down, mutating too quickly to capture and remedy until the enture world us suffereing froma simple cough.

I think I did that right, but let's stay in touch in more than like hey I'll stop by in a month or so and so on and so forth. I enjoyed the updates, though, grand pictures and green platforms. Excuse the Ambien at the point, but once it takes hold i usually have about %30 control over the final product.

Michelle said...

Tint and Amel
It opens up so many possibilities, doesn't it? Very exciting!

Hi Derik

Nice to see you're back! :-) Yeah, I'm leveling out too, except for the wheezing and sneezing. One good thing of hayfever - you sneeze yourself into an altered state. Kind of an allergic Nirvana where you realise... thinking is over-rated. Logic has it's own side-effects when used too often in strong doses. ;-)

I like the idea of more inter-action and will hold you to that.

PV said...

The environmentaly friendly way to print a book? Print only the number of copies people want.

The big box book stores here all have Starbucks onsite as well. Maybe they can team up. A coffee while you wait for your book to print!

Michelle said...

Hi pete

I thought about that myself, we have Starbucks in book shops here too.

It seems the perfect partnership. Order your book, have your coffee while you wait... I love the idea! :-)

Rose Works Jewelry said...

That's pretty cool :)

Vince S said...

that's really fascinating. It's amazing what technology, Internet can do for us. Maybe if I've written enough material, I will actually do that. (I've only written 2 short stories so far)

Daisy said...

It would be fun to see one of these and see how the books turn out from them. Cool! :)

Michelle said...

Hi Vince

I didn't know you wrote, but I should have guessed. I think most of us bloggers are word addicts. ;-)

Oh me too. I'd love to go watch it in action.