Sunday, 27 September 2009

The Chesshire Cat BroadBand


We seem to have signed up with the Cheshire Cat ISP company. Lately our Internet connection keeps disappearing... then returning. Sometimes the gaps between are seconds, sometimes minutes, sometimes hours. Last week we lost connection on Wednesday and got back online Friday night!

This weekend it says I'm online, but then I can't open any web pages.

Then it says I'm offline and I am offline. Then it says I'm offline, but I'm still able to read the Internet. Then I'm on, but I'm not able to receive or send emails....

The telephone engineer is coming out next week to check everything properly. Hopefully we'll be back properly then, as this constant vanishing act is driving me crazy.


Vasant Prabhu said...

It can be very frustrating, it happens quite often here in India too.Every time this happens it looks like some has pulled the digital lifeline from your online incubator.

Unknown said...

And I thought you had simply run out of ideas.

I taste your pain, though; back when my computer crashed, I had no connexion to the internet and I felt like life had collapsed into a veritable black hole. Good luck and see you around.

Michelle said...


very well said!

Yeah well... I've been fairly dry of ideas too. I must go blog hopping. I always find I get my best ideas reading and sharing with others.

Tint~ said...

Y'know... for a minute there I thought you really had an ISP called "Cheshire Cat Broadband" and was going to say "Cool!!" :) Then you went and spoiled the effect lol

I hope you get it sorted out soon. I'm hoping we'll change... asap!

Connie said...

We had trouble with ours here this week too. Everything seems to be up and running again now. Hope your troubles are all behind you!

Michelle said...

LOL That would have been cute... except the dissapearing act.

So far so good. It still tells me pages aren't there now and then, but if I click the TRY AGAIN button... there they are! I can live with that. ;-)