Thursday, 31 December 2009

New Blue Wishes for You

Today is not only the last day of the year, it's also the last full moon of the year AND... it's also a blue moon (a second full moon in the month).

A 13th moon, on the 31st, seems a good time to make a few Full Moon Blue Moon wishes. ;-) So here are my wishes for all my friends and loved ones:

Happiness, Health, Peace, Prosperity, Hope, Joy, Home,
Security, Safety, Inspiration, Love, Romance, Laughter,
Music, Merriment, Movement, Luck, Surprises, Magic,
Compassion, Passion, Friendship, Companionship, Pets,
Success, Accomplishment, Completion, Closure, Career,
Satisfaction, Pleasure, Delight, Acceptance, Amusement,
Freedom, Fulfillment, Nature, Wonder, Smiles, Miracles...




Connie said...

Wonderful post, Michelle! Wishing you all good things in the new year. :-)

Michelle said...

Thanks Daisy. :-) HAPPY NEW YEAR to you too.


Hayden said...

Wishing you the Best of the Best in 2010, Michelle!

Amel said...

HAPPY New Year, M! I was struck by your new header. What an impressive piece of art!!! Breathtaking!

Michelle said...

Hi Hayden

Happy New Year! ... a bit late, but still meant. ;-)

Hi Amel
Isn't it lovely? I was getting tired of my snow photos... they all look the same. LOL