Monday, 31 May 2010

If You go Down to the Woods...

On Saturday we went out to get groceries and decided to do some bluebell hunting. Unfortunately it was a a rather dark rainy day, which didn't make for the best photographs. Bluebells are so small and delicate they're a bit like trying to photograph mist, but hubby did manage to get a few nice photos for me. He took them as I wasn't able to climb the bank up to the woodland from where we parked the car.

Here's the view from the spot where we parked the car. It was steeper than it looks!

Looking along the fence to the right...
Up into the wood...
A close up shot of the woodland floor. I have no idea what the little white flowers were. Lily of the valley?

We've been told by our neighbour there are more bluebells in a nearby wood. If the weather stays sunny this week I might try to get there to take some more photos. :-)


  1. Wow! They are so gorgeous, Michelle. What a delight! :)

  2. I LOVE bluebells! The first time I ever knew they existed was when I read a Japanese comic book he he...I LOVE the pictures!

  3. absolutely beautiful. Blue is the best of all garden colors, I'm convinced of it!

  4. Daisy
    They are a delight. :-)

    Yeah, I first read about them too. I was surprised how small they are, but so pretty! :-))

    Oh yes, blue is wonderful. I love those blue daisies with the yellow centres... urgh... Michael daisies or something like that? I'm lousy with plant names.

  5. Bluebells are so beautiful, and so are your photos. It looks really peaceful, beautiful and serene. I hope you dont mind I follow you.

  6. Hi Kelly

    You are welcome to follow me. :-) I'm so glad you added a reply - it made me go look at your own blog and all your lovely photos.

  7. There is a famous sweet shop in Bangalore by the name BlueBells. It has a very nice signage too. Little did i realise how beautiful these flowers can be real life.

  8. Hi Vasant
    I know what you mean. I grew up in Africa reading about British plants and yet having no idea how the real plants compared. Bluebells are far smaller than I expected and daffodils were far bigger.

    Real Nature is always more impressive than a photo or a painting. :-)