Sunday, 25 September 2011

Songs of the Earth

I've a special treat for this sunday blog - a song straight from Heaven and Mother Earth... and an amazing story to go with it.

The song is sung by an opera singer and a choir. Nothing too odd about that? Well... let me introduce you to the choir. I "met" them on Daisy's blog in another performance.

They are called crickets. ;-) Go listen...

Now for that opera singer, her story is pretty amazing too. (thank you, Joaane, for sending me her link in this story) Her name is Bonnie Jo Hunt and she's Soiux. She's from North Dakota and as a little girl she knew she wanted to sing opera the first moment she heard it on the radio:
And what attracted me was that I thought it would be very hard to get a voice like that. But I thought I could do it. And I was 10 then. And we lived at Ft. Totten, North Dakota--Devils Lake Sioux, there. And I was scared, too, because I thought, `Gosh, I think I'll need a voice teacher.' And there were, needless to day, no voice teachers and there were no pianos even.
Bonnie made it, she did become a Soprano opera singer, and then one day musician and recording artist, Robbie Robertson, contacted her and asked her to come sing with him and... crickets.

Ms. HUNT: So I thought, oh, my goodness. I'm to accompany crickets, see?

And when I heard them, I was so ashamed of myself, I was so humbled, because I had not given them enough respect.
they sound exactly like a well-trained church choir to me. And not only that, but it sounded to me like they were singing in the eight-tone scale. And so what--they started low, and then there was something like I would call, in musical terms, an interlude; and then another chorus part; and then an interval and another chorus. They kept going higher and higher.Link
You can read the whole story from the radio interview here -

And here is the result...

Robbie Robertson & The Red Road Ensemble

Twisted Hair (track #12)

This was the way of it.
It is a river.
It is a chant.
It is the medicine story.
It is what happened long ago.
It is a bead in a story belt.
It is what has been forgotten.
It is the smell of sweet grass and cedar
And prayers sent to the sky, Father.
It is a way, a tradition,
the way it was always done.
It is a feeling of warmth, the sound of our voices.
I am dancing beneath you.


  1. Amazing... Simply amazing... And beautiful! So beautiful!! Thank you so much for sharing this!

  2. I know!
    It makes me want to cry every time I listen to the crickets singing.

  3. Wow! That was so cool, Michelle. Thank you. I didn't know the rest of that story. Thanks for sharing this with me. :-D

  4. I AM crying here, M...speechless...SO VERY VERY touching...

  5. It was so beautiful - I cried. Thank you for posting these amazing videos!

  6. Hi Em
    me too, every time I listen to those crickets singing... oh wow. It's just so beautiful.