Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Dancing your Words

I watched a TV show years ago about dance at the beat of cultural music. It showed how people really DANCING - totally letting go of their inhibitions and reverted right back to their ancient genetic dance styles. They even showed clips of modern partying dancers and their cultural dances side by side and the similarities were quite amazing.

When people really 'let their hair down' and dance to the music without thinking... they returned to their ancestral heartbeat.

It made me wonder... do writers do this? Or, even more interesting, is this why writers sometimes struggle to write, because they try to follow writing styles that aren't from their ancient cultural heartbeat?

What would happen if we tried to write to our ancient heartbeats?

So here's the challenge I'm setting - find some music from your racial/cultural ancestry, something that really resonates with you heart and soul. Find the music that makes your heart dance and... write to it.

don't think - don't try for a theme - don't worry if it's a paragraph or a poem,just write to your ancestral heartbeat...

and then let your words dance.

Here's mine...

I'll let you know if I write anything worth sharing, when I get the time to try out my own challenge. ;-)


Amel said... this challenge. Let me see if I can find something to make my words dance he he he...

Travis Cody said...

That's a very cool idea. I'm going to have to set this aside for my vacation coming up next month. First I've got to find the right music...I don't have much of a cultural heritage that I can really point to.

Must give this some thought.

Michelle said...

I look forward to reading it. :-)

Hi Travis
Me too - it's a challenge even I can't quite get the time to do at the moment, but I'm really curious to see what happens when I do.

Amel said...

My problem's the same as Travis'...what kind of music should I choose? Need some time to think, but have been too busy at work...will try to think about it this weekend hi hi...

Mimi Lenox said...

OH! It is so true about the ancestral rhythm that overtakes when dancers dance and writers write and even when singers sing. There is a definite rhythm inside me when I'm totally overtaken by the muse.

Can't wait to see what you come up with. For me, music in the background is completely distracting. It's the music career - I want to analyze it instead of enjoy it and then my words get distorted and misaligned. I need to quietly hone in on my own sound and go with it.

Let me know how this turns out. Very interesting.

Michelle said...


I thought it might be fun to try. So far I haven't had the time to try it myself.

I have a slightly similar issue with music. If I work to music I work at the pace of the tune. So I nearly sewed myself into hyperspace once listening to too fast beat while using a sewing machine. LOL

When I was a teen, I could never do homwork to music, like my friends did. I end up writing the lyrics! BUT... I can write to instrumental music, as long as the mood fits the writing.

I'll sometimes play a piece over and over and OVER while I get a bit of writing done.

Still haven't tried my own idea here though - no time or no fingers. Look forward to trying it.