Friday, 31 August 2012

Wild about Water

We took lots of photos of the two male polar bears at the Highland Wildlife Park. They were having great fun playing together in their pool, then one got bored and left. The one in the pool played alone for quite a while. He splashed, chewed a stick, tore a chunk of grass off the bank edge and threw it in the air and then dived for it each time it sunk. Now and then he stood up and looked for his playmate. I made a photo slide out of his antics...

Here's the two of them playing in the pool...

...and here's the water-lover continuing to have fun all by himself. :-)


  1. I loved that you called a pond, a pool. :) And as always, loved the opportunity to see bears at play. Wonderful giant gentle creatures. As is said of Irish Wolfhounds(my petable favorites): "Gentle when stroked, fierce when provoked"

  2. AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW...SUCH CUTE pictures! :-D Wish I could see them myself he he...

  3. I love watching animals at play. I love that you loved it too :) I couldn't watch the video - internet woes *sigh* but your description made up for it!

    Gah... hating captcha... 3rd time lucky?

  4. Hey den :-)

    I bet the bear thinks it's a pool. ;-) We saw Scottish deerhounds last sunday. Slightly taller than wolfhounds and leaner, like greyhound body shape. Lovely dogs too. HUGE things, but so quiet and dignified.

    Hi Amel
    It was great fun. I wish the park was closer... and cheaper! It's a place I'd like to visit more often. :-))

    Tint, the video was just the same photos plus more of the same. You didn't miss anything exciting.

    Yeah... I hate captcha too, but it does cut down on the spammers a bit. :-\