Monday, 10 March 2008

Take my Hand


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I read a a great thought for the day on Amias' blog:

"The sun doesn’t stop rising because you can’t see it, and even behind dark clouds, there is light." - Amias

I realised something right there reading that. What has kept me from falling apart when I've been "in the dark" is holding hands with the people I love - family, friends, a whole load of internet friends. I'd call it a "chain of hands", but it kind of spreads out in all directions rather than just being a line. It’s a web of hands holding hands spreading out across the planet.

The point is that no matter how dark it is where "I" am standing there's always someone down the line/s who can see the sun and remind me to keep holding on until the sun reaches me once again. And there are always those hands to hold me steady when the storms pass by.

Feeling a little cloudy down your way? Here, take my hand and we’ll wait together for the sun to come out.


  1. Thanks Michelle, I'll take your hand on this cloudy day :-)

  2. Even though it's dark where you're at, there is someone else in a brighter part of the world reaching out to you. These folks are taking a risk. Either those in the dark will let those in the light lead them out of the dark, or they will try to pull those in the light towards them.

  3. Cliff

    I truly believe that the light always wins and the light always reaches everyone eventually.

  4. Maybe there's a reason why Feedblitz is recycling older blogs...

    Hugs, my friend.... here's my hand...

  5. Hi Tint

    I haven't yet figured out why that thing is sending out old posts, but i've noticed they have a strange way of being apt, even if out-dated!

    *taking your hand and adding you to my chain of friends* :-)