Thursday, 11 October 2018

Tell me how they Lived

Last week was the anniversary of a friend's death and next month will be one year since I lost another dear friend, both to cancer.

I get a lot of Facebook memes and emails asking us all to remember those who have died of cancer, but I'd much rather remember how they lived. I'm not saying we don't need to help fund cancer research and stay fighting, but it feels to me as if  this starts to turn the people I knew into statistics. Yes, I have friends and family who all died due to cancer, but I would much rather remember them for how they LIVED than how they died.

They are more than statistics on a graph calculating types of cancer. Same goes for those people we lose to accidents, wars and other illnesses. Every one of us has lost someone we love, one way or another.

So next time you get one of those Facebook memes or email things asking you to share because this is they way your loved one died... 
please don't tell me how your loved one died, tell me how they LIVED. 

Tell me what their favourite colour was or how they made you laugh. Tell me what they stood for, their greatest achievements and even their moments of failure. Because the way to keep your loved ones alive in your heart is to rejoice in the LIVING you shared together - not in holding on to their dying. 

Monday, 8 October 2018

Musical Monday ~ Hunger

An awesome one this week. Listen to the lyrics and you'll know what I mean. Video is superb as well.

Florence and The Machine - Hunger

Thursday, 4 October 2018

Letting go of Anger

I saw this recently and thought it worth sharing.

This is something our world needs to find other ways to deal with. We turn our grief into anger to give us energy to fight our way out of grief or fear, but in doing so... we then turn the anger on others who we hurt (or make fear us) and thus the cycle continues. 

Same with individuals... same with nations.

Tuesday, 2 October 2018

Work for Peace

It's a month before Blog for Peace, so I'm setting the mood with an old song that has been haunting me lately.

"Work For Peace" by Gil Scott-Heron

Americans no longer fight to keep their shores safe,
Just to keep the jobs going in the arms-making workplace.
Then they pretend to be gripped by some sort of political reflex,
But all they're doing is paying dues to the Military Industrial Complex.

The Military and the Monetary,
get together whenever they think its necessary,

They turn our brothers and sisters into mercenaries, 
they are turning the planet into a cemetery.
The Military and the Monetary, 
use the media as intermediaries,
they are determined to keep the citizens secondary, 
they make so many decisions that are arbitrary.

The only thing wrong with Peace,
is that you can't make no money from it.

The Military and the Monetary,
they get together whenever they think its necessary,
they've turned our brothers and sisters into mercenaries,
they are turning the planet, into a cemetery.

Got to work for Peace,
Peace ain't coming this way.

We should not allow ourselves to be mislead,
by talk of entering a time of Peace,
Peace is not the absence of war,
it is the absence of the rules of war and the threats of war and the preparation for war.

So this is a song about tomorrow and about how tomorrow can be better. 
If we all,
"Each one reach one, Each one try to teach one".

Nobody can do everything,
but everybody can do something,
everyone must play a part,
everyone got to go to work, Work for Peace.

Spirit Say Work, Work for Peace

Monday, 1 October 2018

Musical Monday ~ High Five

I've decided to start brightening up Mondays with music. We all need that on a Monday!

Here's my first: High Five by Sigrid