Wednesday 27 September 2017

The Compass of our Compassion

At a time of human evolution when we should finally be moving towards greatness as a species we are still driven to destroy ourselves en masse due to the fact our world leaders  have lost their inner compass. 

I've always said that the problem with world politics is Big Business. Today I realised that the problem with Big Business is that it has no compass; it follows the money, regardless. It will cosy up with criminals, dictators, senseless cruelty, waste and pollution. It will always do what is best for profit, regardless of how much disaster that causes for everything else. 

In a way... I can understand Big Business being as it is. It has no morality and no function beyond making profit. It suffers severely from tunnel vision, but it gets the job done. The worse problem is the fact that so many politicians worldwide are either endorsed, sponsored or friends with those up high in Big Business. That's where the problems start... and what will be our downfall as a species unless we find a way to deal with this. Oh yes, I do mean the "as a species" because science has been warning us for decades that we are capable of creating our own mass extinction. 

This isn't being pessimistic, it only takes a casual glance through modern history and geography to see what is happening. We are a dying a race. It may take a few more generations, but unless we change... we will die out just a certainly as the dinosaurs. We are the new dinosaurs, you see. So stuck in our out-dated thinking that we cannot evolve. And Nature has shown us, over and over, that the life forms that cannot adapt die out. We are Dodos in business suits and high street fashion.  

Our leaders have no compass. Too many of them have had to shake hands and make deals with those whose only sense of direction is "make money at any cost". This time... the cost might just be more than they can handle. 

So how do we change? How do we find that sense of direction? By realising that we are a dying species and acting accordingly - by finding some way to reconnect as a species and see beyond the superficial. This will soon be no longer a case of colour, race, religion or country... this is about saving the planet, our Mother and our only home. It's no longer okay to buy things you don't need that will end up as floating garbage in the ocean simply to keep a global economy based on frantic profit going. It's no longer reasonable or sane to continue to use energy sources that poison our water, our environment and our children.

We need to find the compass of our compassion; for humanity, for Nature and for our planet. And we need to find every conceivable way of handing that compass back to our world leaders before it truly is too late.