Friday 20 June 2014

Hodge Podge

There's something strange in the garden today...

I was pottering about, minding my own business as I looked for a breakfast snail or slug, when I felt something. A noise?  Footsteps? I thought this new garden was unoccupied, but perhaps I was wrong...

I paused to peer ahead. There was the faint blur of something enormous, far too big to be a living creature. I sniffed the air carefully...

There was a new scent in the air. Not a rabbit. Not a fox. What was this thing? I decided it might be prudent to retreat!

Never mind, I can still find plenty to eat in the long grass against the garden wall. ;-)

Meet "Hodge Podge", our latest garden resident hedgehog. He (she?) was first spotted yesterday, busy bumbling through the back yard. He is mostly unconcerned by us and the other garden creatures. The rabbits, however, find him creepy. They stayed for a while, but when he went closer to their favourite snooze spot, near the birdbath, they got up and left. LOL

Thursday 19 June 2014

World Peace and Prayer Day

"June 19, 20, 21, 22 2014 – World Peace & Prayer Days will take place.

All nations around the world honor sacred sites as places holding unique geographical, spiritual, historical and often mythological significance. These places of worship—intended to unite people in peace, can all too easily become a source of power struggle, greed and environmental abuse.
It is by no coincidence that places where the Earth vibrates with magnified energy, also commonly align with rich pockets of Earth’s greatest natural resources. Therefore, the importance of protecting sacred sites and educating people about the value of restoring them to balance, reaches beyond the realm of spiritual ideals and directly into the impact their restoration has, on the health of the environment. Chief Looking Horse will be visiting some of the sacred sites of the area on Sunday the 23rd, performing ceremony to cleanse the lands."

"Join us at NOON Pacific Time Worldwide as we Unify in meditation on June 21.

This year we will also be honoring sacred sites by reclaiming the sacred. Visit your local sacred site at dawn, or create sacred space wherever you are.

Organize an event in your area as we link up around the world at the same moment in prayer, meditation for peace and the healing of Mother Earth. If you are organizing a local event, please start a facebook event and post it to this page so others can find it."

To find when you can participate in the global meditation, please click on the map:

Monday 9 June 2014

NEWSFLASH - Books and Birds

Years back I used to do a monthly NEWSFLASH update on life. The idea was started by another blogger, Jeff. I haven't used the concept in ages, but thought I'd give it a go again. :-) I'm changing one thing - I'm bunching up categories.

Nature Entertainment Wise words Spirit Family Lessons Art Smiles Health

Nature and Entertainment

The biggest entertainment this Spring has been the birds. We have at least four sparrows nesting in our roof as well as two crow families on either side of us. And then there's that very tame seagull, who keeps hoping for a snack...

Our garden is never quiet!

Wise words and Spirit 

My wise words always come from another blogger. This time I'm quoting the great queen of Blog4Peace, Mimi.This is from her gorgeous post, "What I Know About Love."

"Sometimes love comes to unravel us.
Let it."


Not much to update. We all have the flu at the moment. Beyond coughing, sniffing and groaning we're enjoying a lovely warm sunny June as much as we can. 

Lessons and Art 

This past week I published a small book of poems. It's a simple book, made mostly so that those friends who like my poems will stop nagging. ;-) The longest part, and most fun, was creating black and white art to go along with the poems. Here's an example...

  This is Corrie, our little wild crow friend, from one of her baby photos...

 Smiles and Health

Biggest smile this month is also book related. I had a fantastic review of my book, First Light.You can find the entire review on So Bookalicious. Here's a small quote:

You know the feeling when you’ve only read a couple of pages of a book and you think “this book will blow away my mind”? That’s the exact feeling I had when I read FirstLight. 
This book made me feel overwhelmed at times in a good way because of its complexity. Michelle Frost is a master in developing plotlines....

Sunday 1 June 2014

Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit for June

Happy first day of June!

June birthstone is Pearl.
Birth flower is Rose.
The zodiac signs for June are Gemini and Cancer.