Friday 20 June 2014

Hodge Podge

There's something strange in the garden today...

I was pottering about, minding my own business as I looked for a breakfast snail or slug, when I felt something. A noise?  Footsteps? I thought this new garden was unoccupied, but perhaps I was wrong...

I paused to peer ahead. There was the faint blur of something enormous, far too big to be a living creature. I sniffed the air carefully...

There was a new scent in the air. Not a rabbit. Not a fox. What was this thing? I decided it might be prudent to retreat!

Never mind, I can still find plenty to eat in the long grass against the garden wall. ;-)

Meet "Hodge Podge", our latest garden resident hedgehog. He (she?) was first spotted yesterday, busy bumbling through the back yard. He is mostly unconcerned by us and the other garden creatures. The rabbits, however, find him creepy. They stayed for a while, but when he went closer to their favourite snooze spot, near the birdbath, they got up and left. LOL


  1. Hedgehog!!! CUTE!!!! :-D One friend back in Indo used to have a pet hedgehog. Not a good idea to keep inside a house because the pee stinks so badly ha ha's nice to see them outside. :-)

    Btw, check out my raindrop photos! :-D I uploaded only a few in FB, but shared many more in my main blog. :-D

  2. Wild animals are much cuter as wild animals. ;-)

    I'm going to go look at your photos. Thanks for letting me know. :-)



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