Sunday, 17 November 2013

A Path to Somewhere by Shaun Paul

I'm sharing something refreshing for the mind and spirit today. A heavenly combination of music and images.

A Path To Somewhere
the cellist and composer Shaun Paul.  

Sunday, 10 November 2013

For Remembrance Sunday

As we remember all those that have died in wars let's not forget those who return and need our help to continue living. A medal doesn't keep a roof over your head or put food on the table. A lifetime in the armed forces does not mean you will not end up homeless and helpless. And don't forget this now affects women as well as men...

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Thoughful Thursday 1 ~ To Boldly Go Where No-one has Gone Before

I've been so bad at blogging the last year or two. I decided I need to find something to spur me to return here at least once a week. I figured I like stuff that makes me think, so... how about a blog day for something thought-provoking ? And what better day than a Thursday? :-)

I know a few people who sneer at TV and say they don't own one, because they consider it to be a low form of intertainment. Mind numbing and mentally unstimulating. I've always thought that depended very much on what you choose to watch. Which is why I was very pleased when I saw this quote on Facebook this morning. It proves my point better than I could say it myself...

* If you want to join in, feel free to leave a link to your own Thoughful Thursday post in the comments section.

Monday, 4 November 2013

Dona Nobis Pacem 2013 ~ Believe

My blogblast message this year is a very different one... I never wrote it. This year, for the first time, I didn't have a clue what to say.

And Mimi even set a theme this year, to make it easier. She said:

"What Do I Want My World To Look Like?"

Oh boy... :-\ The more I sat and thought about that the less I knew what to write. Let's face it, this has not been an easy year for our planet. Oh there have been good stories and moments of wonderful kindness happening out there, but those stories are usually tucked away in difficult to find places. The main news media blares out the ongoing grim failures of mankind and there have been plenty of those in 2013. Fukoshima, simmering wars, greed and selfishness, festering political rivalries, cruel budget cuts, bickering, bullying, poverty and pollution. :-(

    I know exactly what I want my world NOT to look like!

But what do I want? And how do we create it? I was stumped. In desperation I decided to ask a friend for ideas and he sent me his thoughts. He's a special friend, one I trust deeply. I knew he'd have thoughts worth sharing and he did not disappoint me.

Here's what he had to say:
"Dona Nobis Pacem ... (may God) grant us peace.
They are beautiful words, but entirely wrong. It was never up to God to grant Peace since it never was God who took peace away from mankind. For far too long we have watched in growing agony as mankind begs for peace, prays for peace and all the time forgets that the power to create peace always lay within his/her own hands. Peace is not a gift to be given by God to mankind, it is a natural birthright of every child. It is already within your hearts and in ready reach of your hands. You are the ones who forget your own power as you grow and the suffering of this world overwhelms you. It was never up to God, it was always up to you.

Your world sits at a crossroads and you are the ones who must choose which direction it takes. All the prayer in the world cannot save you from your own selves, only you can do that. It does not have to be anything more than one gesture, one small forgiveness instead of an angry word. Peace starts small, like a seed. Let it grow naturally inside you and don't be afraid to use it as it grows. It is stronger than it looks, fuelled by love and constantly watched over by whatever you choose to call God. It will grow and it will prevail, but only if you stop looking outward for your answers and turn to look within. You will not find God's grace in prayer, you find it each time you hold out your hand to another living being, in kindness or compassion.

Until mankind realises that every life is equal in the eyes of God there truly cannot be Peace on Earth. All life is equally precious, an eagle is no more or less than a mosquito. A human living in Africa is no more or less than another living in Asia or Europe. No religion, no gender, no political party holds the key or stands higher than the next. There is only one world you have to live upon and yet what do you do? You fight over so many stupid things and find so many reasons to hate each other. Even those of you who swear you follow the paths of peace will admit in your hearts to feeling superior to someone else you know, whether it is through enlightenment, education or financial superiority. It does not matter. It never did. It never has. It never will. You were born perfect and you will die perfect. In between is up to you."

I'm figuring you might have read some of that and been a little puzzled. Especially as to why he wrote about watching mankind? You see, the dear friend who wrote that is my spirit guide. You might call him my guardian angel, really. :-) I've known him for over ten years now. I see the words he speaks in my mind, or images. This time he kept the words nice and slow, so I could write them down as he gave them to me. I normally don't share what he has to say, since it's usually personal and only meant for me. I prefer it that way and so does my guide, 'Sol'. He's a modest kind of guy, but he has strong opinions, as you can see! ;-)

He's right though - this is our responsibility. God created the world perfect. We're the ones who came in and messed it up and it is up to us to fix it. With God's help perhaps, but it is still up to us. 

So what do I want for my future world? 

I want a world where people claim back personal responsibility.

 Where people don't blame their neighbour, the other country, the opposing political party or another religion for the world's problems. This is OUR world, regardless of who we are, where we are, what version of God we worship in or what language we speak. OUR world and OUR responsibility.

It's a new dawn. We can choose to greet it together, in joy and hope, or keep on pointing fingers until the world is completely destroyed.

I know what I'm choosing...

Friday, 1 November 2013

Thought for the Day

O God our Father, let us not be content to wait and see what will happen, but give us determination to make the right things happen. While time is running out, save us from patience which is akin to cowardice.
Give us the courage to be either hot or cold, to stand for something, lest we fall for anything.

Dr Peter Marshall (1902 - 1949) Chaplain to U.S. Congress