Sunday, 20 December 2009

Away with the Fairies...

I've been talking garble lately. I'm not sure if it's tiredness or my brain finally reached its "Sell by" date. I'm saying words backwards, saying the wrong word, or forgetting words completely!

Last week it struck again. I was munching dried apricots. I love dried apricots. :-) So... I'm chewing away when hubby walks in. He's hoping it might be time for lunch and he sees me chewing.

Hopefully he asks, "What are you eating?"

and I reply.... "Leprechauns."


I can only think my brain picked up that both words have a similar sound in the middle...

A"prico"ts ----- Le"prico"rns

I keep having this vision of little green legs flailing madly as I chewed...


  1. Michelle,

    Your "this vision of little green legs flailing madly as I chewed" had me laugh so hard I almost (but very, very nearly!) fell off my chair!


  2. ....and I almost choked on a Christmas candy. It's fatigue girl. You need a long winter's nap but then, so do I. Leprechauns....

  3. HA HA! Oh dear. Hope you got him to show you where the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow is before you chewed on him. :D

  4. Ra
    My one friend asked... are they crunchy or chewy? ROFL

    LOL Well I'm glad you didn't choke. I don't want to be the first blogger to have caused death from laughter. Bears have the right idea, don't you think? Eat all summer and sleep all winter. Next life I want to be a bear! ;-)

    That thought did occur to me - that I might have just blown any chance of finding the pot of gold. LOL

  5. Leprechauns...that sounds very exotic hi hi hi hi...;-D Sometimes I also mix up words and sometimes I forget the English terms and it becomes a problem when I don't remember the Finnish ones and I only remember the Indo ones ha ha...oh my...

  6. They're magically delicious.

    Sorry, that's Lucky Charms.

  7. Leprechauns now that is funny. And at Christmas :-)

    Merry Christmas Michelle all the best wished for you and your family.

  8. Amel

    They do sound exotic, don't they? I can see a menu offering crispy fried leprechauns with a nice spicy dip.
    hee hee

    I have no idea how you manage three languages in your head. I only have two and that can be bad enough. Wishing you a very happy tri-lingual New year! ;-)

    Hi Bill
    Nothing like a few leprechauns for a Christmas snack! lol Hope you are having a wonderful Christmas as well. :-)

  9. (laughing hysterically)

    humm. I think chocolate leprechauns, or perhaps peppermint leprechauns dipped in chocolate - make the best Christmas snack.

    (looking behind wildly, hoping none heard me say that!)

  10. Hayden

    The leprechauns struck again. I swear I replied to this yesterday and yet... nothing here! I could swear I replied and admitted peppermint ones sounded rather tasty. "They" obviously didn't approve? ;-)

    *cue "Twilight Zone" music*

    Ok, just aged myself with that TV show. LOL

    Maybe that's why they wear green? Minty? LOL