Friday, 17 April 2015

Baking Frenzy

I was clearing out our digital camera yesterday and found a few photos I had forgotten were there. They're all cakes my mom has made recently. She's been in a baking frenzy. ;-D

Here's the first masterpiece - our Christmas fruit cake. I took this one on Christmas eve. You can see our blended countries decorations of Tartan and guinea fowl place settings. LOL

 This next one was made for my Hubby's birthday. It's a three layer almond sponge with whipped marscapone/cream, raspberry jam and fresh raspberries. It was sooo good that I've put in an order for one for my birthday. 

Saturday, 14 March 2015

Gift Giving Crows

I found a wonderful article on crows today. Apparently, some wild crows have been known to bring thank you gifts back to the people who feed them. Considering the fact that crows are exceptionally smart and often live in family-unit based societies... I not surprised. :-)

Sunday, 1 February 2015


A friend sent me a video today. It's been a long time since I watched something that made me cry and yet gave me hope (for our planet) at the same time.Some people make you proud to be human. These are some of them...

Thursday, 29 January 2015

One Month Gone

I can't believe it's almost a month into the new year already. The month has zoomed by for our family... in a fog of ill health. We've all had a rather nasty flu bug that has left all four of us weakened and still coughing a LOT.

The hardest part of being sick has been food and drink. First tea tasted awful, then everything tasted revolting and now coffee tatstes weird! And trying to cook when food seems revolting and all of you aches is the WORST.

 Thankfully, I'm feeling a lot better and managed to cook a cottage pie last night, which most of us managed to eat.

I'll be glad when this is completely gone. I'm tired of feeling tired and sick of being sick!

Tuesday, 30 December 2014

What a Year!

I was just looking back through my calendar and thinking what a strange year this has been.

I published a second book (WISDOMS OF THE LIGHT) in December-January and I joined the Visionary Fiction Alliance.

In February I gave an author interview for a book blogger and she kindly made my book covers into bookmarks. :-)

From March I was pretty quiet on my blog, because mid-year was taken up with other people's books. I did a few reviews, I helped a friend by proofing her book for publishing and I helped someone else ghost-write another book. And in between we had another friend come stay with us for a week's holiday! 

In April one of my poems went to LA with a photography exhibition by Katherine Cooper...

In May another lovely lady (Oribel) made one of my poems into an inspirational video...

...and for a brief while the e-book of FIRST LIGHT was number one on

In June I published a little book of my poetry and blog stories for friends and family. Including all the poems that had a very busy 2015. ;-) In July we dashed about Scotland with our friend, so there are no July blog posts, but loads of August posts of the photos we took that wonderful summer. 
September was a whirlwind of emotions and happenings as I took part in the "60 ways to Peace" and Scotland steamed towards the independance referendum. I can sum up both of those events with a poster from the referendum.
September ended with me more active in politics than I have ever been in my life and I'm not the only one. The Scottish referendum set the country on fire and the blaze is still burning. It has led me to new friendships and helped inspire my Blogblast for Peace entry this November 4th.
I made another of my peace poems into a graphic for Facebook and blogs.And in October I lived up to that poem by joining several groups and organisations involved in positive change. :-)

In November I finally finished a video for my second book, WISDOMS OF THE LIGHT. 

Here's a slide from that video...

This year has had some lows as well, including the sudden death of a friend and fellow-blogger's husband. 

For Jurgis...
And for all those loved ones (friends or family) that we remember at this time of year...

Monday, 29 December 2014

All you Need is...

I had an epiphany on Christmas day. It made me laugh till I was breathless, which is the way of all great life moments, and that's why I think it's worth sharing. ;-)

It started with frustration and irritation. My dad was trying to reply to a text message on his new mobile phone. The message was from a friend in South Africa and for some unknown reason the reply feature would not work. Hubby has the same phone, but he never texts, so he wasn't able to instantly offer advice.

Eventually, hubby decided to try sending a text message to our home phone, to see if it was perhaps actually sending, but not saying it was sending.  (don't you love electronic gadgets?)

 He was right. Although neither his phone nor dad's stated the message was sent, our home phone rang instantly. Hubby picked up, confirmed it was the message service and hung up. The good news was that dad's message had sent... probably about seven times, since he'd kept trying again when it gave no sign of having sent! Which was the bad news for his friend in Africa who must have wondered why dad wished him Merry Christmas over and over... and over.

And that wasn't the only phone message sending over and over. Our home phone rang again and I was the one to answer. It was a recorded voice from BT telling me we still hadn't listened to our sent message. Because while hubby picked up he never bothered to listen to his own sent text.

I figured I better listen to the thing, or that recorded voice "She" would be back nagging and nagging. I pressed #1, as requested and she told me (in her weird stilted recording voice)...

"Your text message is... uh?"

I was so puzzled I asked for a repeat, went back to press #1 again and she said (again)...

"Your text message is... UH?"

I put down the phone and went to find my husband. I asked him what exactly he'd written. He was surprised I'd heard anything. All he'd sent in his test text was one letter of the alphabet.He'd sent an R.

"R?" I asked.

"R!" he replied.

 I started to giggle. Because depending on the emotional emphasis to your voice that one letter takes on an entire different meaning! Try it for yourself.

Say it as I did, and it sounds like a puzzled question, just like the phone recording voice!

Say it firmly and it sounds like a confirmation.

Say it in a seductive voice and it suddenly sounds flirtatious.

say it sweetly and you'll sound like an angel.

Best still - say it when you're angry. Give it depth and RoaR from your gut.

Better than a swear word and it won't offend anyone. ;-)

There's an R for every mood and human moment. All my years of talking, writing, and trying to communicate with others and all I needed was an R. It's so simple! All I can say is...