Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Crazy 8 Tag

Crystal/Chocmintgirl tagged me with this meme.

8 things I'm passionate about:
1. Writing - can't live without it.
2. My Spirituality and connection to God/Source.
3. My husband and the people I love - family and/or friends.
4. People - human beings are just so amazing.
5. Injustice - hate it so much!
6. Travelling and seeing new places.
7. Nature.
8. Listening to Music. :-)

8 things I want to do before I die:
1. To buy a home of our own.
2. To touch people with my writing.
3. To let go of being afraid (I have stress/anxiety problems).
4. To go back to Rosslyn Chapel. Most amazing place I've ever visited.
5. To make a positive difference.
6. To be useful to the World.
7. To get to meet some of my internet friends in real life. :-)
8. To see Motopos and baobabs one last time, before or after I die.

8 things I often say:
I really have no idea. I'm a "drift-off" talker. I day dream, forget what I was going to say, blank out. I leave big empty silent gaps... like my brain! :-D

Things I often say?

1 - 4 .... (nothing silent gap)

5 - 8 Ummm...


8 things I've recently read/currently reading:
Like Crystal it's blogs. I haven't read any books recently either. I used to be a bookworm. I could read a book in a day or weekend, but since I've taken to reading blogs and websites I must admit I actually prefer reading real people to fiction.

8 things I could listen to over and over:
Look at my play list at the base of this page. :-) You'll find at least 8 of my favourite tunes.

8 things that attract me to my best friends:
1. Sincerity - I hate fakes. Be grumpy or sweet, just always be yourself.
2. Shared sense of humor.
3. Warmth of spirit.
4. Tolerance - we can be different if we respect our differences.
5. like Crystal said "Sharing plus caring."
6. Shared interests and passions.
7. Very different interests/backgrounds that make me think and grow.
8. People who are interesting and/or interested in the world around them.

I'm not tagging anyone as I'm not sure who has been tagged already. If you like this idea - take it and let me know when you post your own crazy 8 list. :-)


Blur Ting said...

You know something? You sound like a really wonderful person, definitely somebody I would love to meet in real life one day :-)

Amel said...

I LOVE reading this and you've touched me already with your writings, M. I've always admired the way you write. It's really God given talent he he he...So KEEP WRITING!!! ;-D You've enriched my world, M!

And same as Blur Ting, I'd LOVE to meet you one day...wouldn't it be fun if a group of bloggers can meet in one place and have a blogging friends party? HI HI HI...

Anonymous said...

You and I have similar things - although I haven't actually done this meme. It doesn't surprise me that we do, though. :)

Jean-Jacques said...

Enjoyed reading this even though I'm not a participant. By the way - I've been getting back to reading books again, an old hobby of mine too - considering that I work over the internet, been making a point of tearing myself away - makes for a pleasant change, although I doubt whether I could give the internet up ;-)

The Real Mother Hen said...

I like this meme, so I may one day steal it from you :)

OMG, come to think of it, I actually have quite a lot of meme to do, which I haven't done!

Michelle said...

Hi friends :-)

Ting and Amel,
can you imagine a party with all of us together? It would be a blast, I bet! :-D

That's a really nice compliment :-)

I've been feeling like getting out a book and reading as well, but yeah - I could never completely give up the internet. ;-)

M Hen
I have forgotten so many memes and awards lately that I've given up trying to keep up. I just hopefully remember to say thanks and MAYBE get around to posting/doing them... maybe. lol

Tint~ said...

"8 things I want to do before I die:
1. To buy a home of our own.
2. To touch people with my writing.
3. To let go of being afraid (I have stress/anxiety problems)."

1. I hope you get your home
2. You HAVE touched hundreds of people with your writing, if not thousands!! :)
3. That is a hard one. I think letting go of the fear is harder than overcoming it. After all, you had the courage to make some really big moves in your life, so courage is not something you're lacking.

Michelle said...

Thanks Tint

"I think letting go of the fear is harder than overcoming it."

very true! Letting go is harder.

Hope all your top wishes come true too!