Tuesday, 29 July 2008


My dad took this photo in Glastonbury. It's of an altar cloth covered in embroidered angels. If you kind of squint and concentrate you can just see me standing on the right. I love this photo, even though it failed as an attempt to get a clear shot of that altar cloth. I love it because the colours are so beautiful and because every time I look at it I feel like who I am makes sense. 

The hardest thing about having any kind of extra-sensory ability is in trying to explain it. Most of the time words just don't seem to fit and I'm left feeling frustrated... but with this photo I can show what I cannot tell. When I "see and hear" things they are almost always in my mind and not literal. It's as if my brain gets a double image - my thoughts with this other reality beyond them. Just like that photo with it's reflections of worlds within worlds I see and hear in another layer reflected through from one of those other worlds. Just like that photo it can be confusing to make out the details, but there's never any doubt that I am seeing two very different realities reflected over each other. 

Sometimes the reflections on the glass in my mind obscure parts of what I get and then I'm left with pieces and fragments only. Other times it all just "clicks" and the reflection fades... and I see through the glass in perfect clarity. Those perfect clear moments are a "high" that cannot be matched. I had a moment like that on the way home from our holiday. Usually I don't share things like this in public, but I think I need to be true to who I am more. 

On the way home on the motorway I was drifting as I listened to music on the radio. Being a passenger in a car is the closest I get to meditating. ;-) Everywhere else I'm either too busy or too easily distracted. So we were on the motorway (M1 going North) where I had loads of time to drift and "car meditate". I kept seeing this angel sitting on our car roof. Looking a bit bored, chin in hand. Sitting sideways with his feet dangling over my window. I've seen this angel around me before. I suspect he's always been around me - my guardian angel, for want of a better description.

I tried to see if I could see anyone else's guardian angels. What I got was a lot more than I'd expected. This time I saw my husband's angel and I also saw the wings of my mom's angel and my dad's. No more than that though. I got a bit frustrated that I couldn't get more detail and kind of gave up… started watching the scenery and passing cars. That was when I realised I could feel angels everywhere. I felt them first, very intense, then started to see them. Not clear, but clear enough to say there was an angel sitting in the lotus position on top of the large lorry/truck in front of us.

I even saw two angels playing what looked like dominoes on top a car full of a mom-dad-kids family. They realised I could see them and waved... I did not wave back! All the angels seemed to realise I could see them at that moment and for a while the sensation was very intense. A wonderful feeling of everyone being connected. Like a huge crazy web of light threads from every car, and person and angel. Then we pulled off the motorway to have a meal and I lost the connection, but that vision of all those angels above every car will never leave me.

Looking back at that photo I had another idea. Maybe the "glass" is more like that mirror glass that becomes transparent when light shines through it. Without the light all you see is your own reflection... then someone turns on the light behind it and *BANG* - you can see straight through!
That really fits for me. I even know what acts as the switch that flips on the light. The switch is always Love, one way or another. Which makes perfect sense really - Light is just Love made visible.


Blur Ting said...

Wow, what you've shared is very amazing. I don't have the ability to see or feel them but because of you, I know they exist. It's a nice feeling. :-)

Michelle said...

Thanks Ting. I hadn't thought of it that way. Makes me glad I sort of "stuck my neck out" and talked about it. :-))

Amel said...

I LOVE this post and the picture. I LOVE the intensity you poured when you wrote this post, so THANK YOU for sharing! :-)))


Michelle said...

Thanks Amel (((Hugs))) back! :-)

Jean-Jacques said...

There's definitely something special about this photo - the cloth has a watermark effect on the room and figures behind it which we can see, yet our attention is drawn to the angels. Beautiful.

(PS: It's very comforting to know we all have guardian angels - I suspected it, but you confirmed it)

Michelle said...

Hi J

That photo is just magic, isn't it? I remember your story/experiences. :-)

Genie said...

That's as good a description as I've ever heard of what psychic ability must be like--not that I myself would know. But it's still a great description.

The only other description I ever heard that I really liked was from a fiction book. The character describes what he sees as if it's laid out on the surface of a flag that's being blown in the wind so he can only see so much of it at a time because the rest is hidden amongst the hills and valleys of the waving fabric--and it moves and changes constantly so he can't hold on to it. Not nearly as good as your description.

Okay, what do you think angels are because, frankly, the whole angels with wings thing just does NOT sit with me. But, then, I've never seen one so I have nothing to base my feelings on except years of resentment towards all things religious. Yes, I'm working on that.

I did feel entities once. They were everywhere, all around us. It was at a huge seminar on healing. I couldn't turn around without having some invisible entity poking me ever so lightly or stroking me here or there. It was amazing and I'd never felt it before nor have I felt it since. I call these entities angels, sometimes, but I never got a sense of wings. So, I wonder, do you think wings are what you see or do you think wings are what you interpret? For that matter, do you think bodies are what you see or what you interpret? I'm extremely curious about this whole subject.

Michelle said...


I think I'm going to do the answer to your questions as my next blog post as it started to grow too big for this little window. ;-)

Emily Roesly said...

Your gift of writing is bringing the light of understanding to those who are in the shadows. You did a wonderful job of explaining something very complex in an easy to understand way!

Michelle said...

thanks em