Thursday, 23 October 2008

News for Samhain

I've had one of my short stories accepted for publication. It'll be out in the Samhain edition of the Witches Digest.

They're a new UK based magazine - small at this stage, but I'm betting they go far. That opinion is not because they published me (although that is an incentive to urging you to buy it *grin*), but because I really liked reading their magazine. They have recipes, interesting snippets, environmental news, events, art, poetry and stories as well as 'witchy' articles. I'm not a witch, but I still enjoyed the magazine. Even my dad read it and enjoyed it. :-)

I was also thrilled to see that this Samhain edition has an article about an artist friend of mine - Levanah. If you're into computer art Lev also does art packs for Poser.

Good luck to the Witches Digest and to my friend, Lev - I hope you both go far... and that someone reads my short story and offers me a movie contract. Hey, I can dream! :-D



Unknown said...

I think you wouldn't want a movie contract. While it is only human to dream, to err seems to be more common. I have sen dozens, maybe a hundred, film of book or manuscript-influenced, and not a single movie could capture the pure joy it is to read. Also, because I am a gamer, I have played witness to every movie/game massacre that has been produced and, let me say, it is a massacre. Titles so dear to me were taken, one by one, to the slaughter house, only to come out after a time unrecognizable, marketable to the masses of stupidity, simple hunks of meat with no substance and less immersion.

But, at the same time, it's great to see you being published! I've only had one of my poems out so far, but I, vainglorious as I am, would rather like to see my name spread from sheet to sheet as well.

Connie said...

Hurray, Michelle! Congratulations! That is exciting news. I'm very happy for you. :D