Friday, 24 October 2008

Seven Random Things I Love


I've taken up this tag from Daisy. Like her I won't be picking seven people to take part. If you like the idea - play then consider yourself tagged. Just remember to let me know in the comments so I can come read your seven random loves as well. Now for my seven random choices:

1. Spring flowers, especially bluebells and daffodils.

2. Home made soup. I'm tempted to say all home made soups, but there are a few I'm not keen on. I don't like fish soups, but I love vegetable broth, lentil and bacon, Chicken and vegetable, broccolli and Stilton... *drool*.

3. Wild birds.

4. Autumn - the cool sharp days, the wonderful colours, falling leaves...

6. Going for a drive in the country.

7. Trees.
7. My friends - internet/blog or real life, family or just those people who feel like family - they're all equally appreciated. :-)


Connie said...

Very nice, Michelle! I enjoyed reading this. Thanks for playing along. :)

All your talk of soup has made me hungry. It is cold and rainy here and a big bowl of soup sounds really good right now. :D

Genie said...

I needed the reminder to try the soup/stew recipe you sent me! Broccoli and Stilton? Oh, man, you're killing me.

Choc Mint Girl said...

Michelleeee... :D Haven't been here for a while. How you've been? :) The list really shows who you are, nature lover...hmmm... except for the soup he he... :D

Dorothy said...

I enjoyed reading this post on the seven things you love. Thanks for playing along. Great blog!

Amel said...

LOVE this list, M! Just got back late last night and still groggy he he he...but we've had a WONDERFUL holiday in Indo and Singapore! ;-D

Stay tuned to read our trip later on he he...

Blur Ting said...

I love all the same things you love. Instead of birds, I like most animals especially furry ones.

I'm so happy to find someone who loves trees too. I love trees and I've blogged about it a long time ago.I love everything about them.

Michelle said...

Hi Daisy
THis one was fun to do, except once I got going I kept thinking of extra things to add. It was hard picking seven.

Oh I'll kill your tastebuds further. This weekend we bought some of this smoked cheese that tastes AMAZING. Sort of smoked bacony cheddar. I'm thinking it would be delicious in cheesy sauces. :-P (drooling again)

Hi Crystal!

How are you? I'd love you to take up this tag as I'm betting you'd pick seven really interesting things. :-)

Hi Dorothy
Thank you. :-) I must come over and check out your blog too.

HEY Amel! :-D Welcome back.

It was hard choosing animals or birds, but birds were the first thought so I figured I'd go with it. but trees... trees I've always loved completely.

Dorothy said...

Hi Michelle,
Thanks for your comments on my blog! About the 'countdown to Christmas'...You can click on that picture on my blog and it will take you to a site where you can choose different versions of the countdown logo, copy and add to your blog. Let me know if I can help. Cheers!

The Real Mother Hen said...

Ahhhh, nice, do you have great fall colors there?

Michelle said...

Thank you, I figured it out. :-) It was hard deciding, they were all so pretty.

It depends - when we have a mild warm autumn the leaves just die and drop off, but if we have cold spells (like this year) they go very pretty colours. Funny enough they went brilliant red and orange up country in Africa (central South Africa and Zimbabwe) because it does drop below freezing at night in winter.

I love the gold and copper colours. :-)

Anonymous said...

My cat loves broccoli and stilton soup - she goes mad for it - any recipes?

Michelle said...

Hi jocroz

I actually found my recipe online. put the words "recipe soup" and whatever ingredients your after into Google. I found about three versions and kind of juggled/mixed them together.

LOL at your cat! My gran's cat used to love tomato sauce.