Tuesday, 9 June 2009

"homeland poem" ??

Something really odd happened over the weekend and the curiousity is killing me.

It's about my other blog - the one I have my poems up on. My poetry blog never was meant to be more than a spot to place a few poems and as such I rarely have visitors. I have a sitemeter up on both my blogs and they update me once a week. The poetry side usually gets 0 to 3 viewers a week.

BUT... since last Thursday I've had about 30 people. 30! Mostly from the UK, but some from America. Not one has stopped to leave a comment. Weirder still, looking at the sitemeter stats they all came through doing internet searches for the words...

homeland poem

I wonder if I'll ever know what brought such a surge of searching surfers over this past weekend?



  1. Interesting! I use blogcounter and find out that “The World’s Highest Mountain”, the one I just wrote and not the main theme of my blog at all, ranks high upon all my pages. The other is my “Palm Blossom Chinese Knot”. I’m not doing Chinese knot; just that one, but that page ranks high too.

  2. Hi OrOne

    It is fun, and sometimes really weird, seeing what words people are searching for. With this blog it's usually crowsfeet as in wrinkles around the eyes that people are looking for cures for.

  3. Haha, I'm guilty of searching for wrinkles around the eye before :-)