Monday, 8 June 2009

More Yellow Flower Photos

The Broom started to flower recently, as the Gorse has begun to fade. I took a few photos last week. At a glance they look a lot alike, but broom is more lemony, has no perfume/scent and no thorns. This is broom......and this is gorse...
...and these are buttercups. Unfortunately their petals are so smooth and shiny that the sun glare killed the colour. They were a lovely deep yellow.



  1. what a beautiful blog, just stopped by from over at cliffs blog, wishing you a wonderful monday and all the blessings in life hope you have a day full of smiles as i see you like to give to others.

  2. Wow.. cliff sent his fellow bloggers here.. this is beautiful.. what a feast to the eyes.

    Hope you are feeling BETTER.

    Betty Ann

  3. C and C and Ms Hen

    Thank you for coming over and leaving such kind comments... and bless Cliff for being so thoughtful. :-)

    I'm going to be putting up photos of the poppies and meadow wild flowers soon.

    Hi OrOne
    I'll have more flowers pics soon! :-)

  4. They are all fabulous. It is such fun to see such a mass of yellow all in one place like that. :)

    I hope you are doing well and your health is improving, Michelle.

  5. Thanks Daisy. :-)

    I'm going back to the doctor tomorrow. Some things have improved, some not. I'm hoping I can get some resolutions tomorrow.