Thursday, 11 June 2009

Wild Flowers

Close ups of the flowers in the field posted below. First the poppies...
Then wild pansies/violas - yellow ones...
... and purple...
Thistles, of course!
Tiny blue flowers... (edited to add I found out they are probably field forget-me-nots)
LOTS of the tiny blue flowers amongst pink grasses. How pretty is that?


  1. Thanks Rose
    My husband took the close ups. I was using my mobile/cell phone, which takes great far shots (most of the field pics are mine), but no use for close.

    Hi Russell
    Nice seeing you here. :-)
    Thanks, I really do appreciate photo praise from you - your nature ones are lovely. I hope you show them again. This slump just isn't the time for selling anything, I'm betting in a better market you'd have sold all your pics.

  2. Wild flowers have this tendency to surprise you with their vibrant colours & design patterns. And the fact that they show up in isolated places adds that extra bit of curiosity in all of us. Excellent Photographs Michelle

  3. Thanks Vasant

    I often think the wild versions are more interesting and pretty, although admittedly smaller, than the fancy man-made versions we see in gardens and parks.

    These surprised me as the place they are growing is really a sand dune. Not good soil at all.

  4. Wild flowers will save the bees.

    I like immaculate gardens too but I would LOVE to be in a place were flowers grow wild. I live in a concrete city. And out in the countryside, we don't have wild flowers.

  5. G~G

    I always wanted to see the wildflowers in South Africa. There's an area of dry desert where, if/when it rains... KABOOM - a flower carpet in all colours. Of course me and my hayfever would probably have died, but I'd still have loved to see it in real life.

    What amazed me here is how many different types of wild flower there are when you start looking up close. There were several more I didn't photograph because they were tiny or buried deep in other plants/grasses.

  6. Nice - albeit 'Flanders'.


  7. Oh, so pretty! I wish our wild flowers are so nice. Here in the tropics, it's more lush and green. Hence, more leaves than flowers!

  8. Hi LSP
    Welcome to my blog.

    Poppies always remind me of Keats. :-)

    Hi Ting
    Yeah, Africa is like that too. Not many flowers. It gets a bit boring as your seasons tend to be green, VERY green, browny green.

  9. Beautiful Pictures michelle

    sorry i haven't been over for a while but flat out doing my gallery

    all our love the highland hermits ,still haven't sorted out my award as usual thought i would say so before you came over to tell me off again lol

    have a great day


    the dafthermit

  10. Hi Michelle

    Thanks for popping by my blog :)

    I love poppies, these are lovely. My artwork is on another blog that you will find in my sidebar if you'd like


  11. Gorgeous colors, Michelle! I loved them all. :)

  12. Hi Andy

    Oh don't worry - I do the too busy (or in my case often too forgetful!) thing well myself. I'll have to pop by and see your new stuff. Can't wait! :-) I love your photographs.

    Hi Michelle
    Thank you. :-) I found your art blog... wow. Just GORGEOUS. May I add you to my blog list here?

    Thank you. :-)

  13. Am enjoying very much your photos in this and the previous post, Michelle. Some of theses I've never seen before. So lovely!


  14. Pretty, pretty flowers! I can't wait to go to my MIL's this Saturday to see her garden and flowers! :-D

  15. Hi Sophie

    I'm always amazed, when you stop and look closely, how many marvelous little flowers lie hidden in wild places.

    Hi Amel
    How are you? :-)