Friday, 18 September 2009


I just realised I haven't been here in over a week! It's just hard to find anything interesting to write about when you're home recuperating from surgery and pretty much doing nothing. My biggest excitement in the last 4 weeks is that I went to the supermarkets last weekend.

So... life is moving slow here. Autumn is moving slow too. So far September has been warm, sunny and as lazy as I feel. ;-)

Bunny boy has been back sleeping under his favourite barbecue. Since he's so big now it's a bit of a squeeze. I have taken a few photos, but since my computer crashed in early August I still haven't had all the software re-installed and one of the things I need to put back is the photo software. At this stage I can't get the pictures onto my computer. :-\

For now I can tell you that Bunny Boy is bigger and has developed a taste for rye bread. We throw him the crusts and sometimes, as a treat, he gets the odd slice of brown bread. Given the choice, he prefers soft bread and leaves all the crusts. :-)

Last weekend we went for a walk and picked bramble berries. I made two apple and bramble crumbles. The first one we had with cream, the second one with custard. Nothing beats eating something you've picked yourself!


  1. I don't blame bunny boy. I prefer soft bread to crusts too! ;D The crumbles sound delicious. I'm sorry to hear you are unable to post photos right now. Hope you get things fixed with your computer soon. I also hope your recovery from surgery is going well and that you are feeling better every day. Hugs to you from Daisy. :)

  2. Indeed - eating the things you pick yourself feels really good! :-D

    Haven't seen any animals near my in-laws' for a while, but can't wait to see them again he he...

  3. I am so glad you are feeling better. You are always making sure someone else is feeling good .. and I am sorry it has taken me so long to come over here and wish you well!

    I left something HERE for you, and talked about you too. Hope you don't mind.

  4. Hi Amel

    I always love seeing the photos of the nature, plants and animals, where you are. You know something funny? Not nature, but food related - we bought this Salami sausage a few months back at the European market. It was delicious. :-)) Guess where it was from? Finland! :-o

    Thank you for the lovely gift you left me on your blog. Your friendship, and sistership, is treasu4ed. (((HUG)))

  5. Hi Michelle!
    Don't be a stranger on my blog. Love reading yours!


  6. Hi Vince

    I've been a stranger everywhere in September! I'm going to relax this sunday and do some blog hopping. :-)

  7. HA HA...R2 LOVES salami so much. I like it too! :-D