Thursday, 29 October 2009

An Improbable Life...
"How often have I said to you that when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth? ... "
Sherlock Holmes in The Sign of the Four (1890)
Someone I know made a comment yesterday (email) that made me think. He said:

I wish I could develop faith in things that I cannot see. That, I think makes life a lot easier.

I agree with him completely, I do think it makes for a far simpler life, but I have one reservation... when it comes to the realms of psychic phenomena I have more trust in those who question than those who accept blindly.

In my own experience all the real psychics I know have doubts. I imagine the truly spiritual and saintly do reach a stage of perfect trust and faith, but I suspect none of them started out that way.
To experience the inexplicable has to create a certain sense of, "Did I imagine that? Is this real? Am I crazy?" in a normal sane mind.

It took me two years of writing down my dreams and checking them against news paper dates and my own journal notes before I accepted the fact I was dreaming of things before they happened. It took me two decades to trust that I do see the odd dead person who has a message they want passed along. I suppose some might see that as a failure in trust, but I see it as merely being sensible.

In the end I had to go with Sherlock Holmes - only once you've eliminated the impossible can you truly trust the improbable.

Anyone who has experienced the inexplicable or paranormal, or has some psychic ability, knows exactly what it means to live with the improbable.

I know I live an improbable life.

Has it made my life easier? I have no way to know what a life without who I am now would be like (my imagination boggles!), but I do know it has made my life more complicated, sometimes frustrating, but also very rewarding.


Nessa said...

When I was a teenager (well most of my young life) I heard people talking to me. Freaked me out, as you can imagine. I was afraid I had schizophrenia so I completely quite listening and the voices went away, but not to my betterment. Now i listen to them as closely as I listen to anybody (which means I listen but with caution.)

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Amel said...

I've never had any paranormal experiences...but I'd love to comment in general: I think faith can't be developed without doubt and problems. By having doubts and problems (or problems that lead to doubt), faith is given a chance to grow.

రామ ShastriX said...

I think we should be like the flowing River Mother accepting what comes in our wake and, at the same time, keeping our reasoning faculties in fine nick and using them till we become one with the mighty ocean.

That, to me, is a life well lived, instead of stagnating in some pool or puddle.

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Tint~ said...

If one could be psychic from wishing one was, then I'd be psychic ;) I do know I'm an empath, but, to me, that isn't true psychic ability. I feel the emotions of those I'm in contact with very realistically to the point of it being a physical pain. I often express something and the person will say, "That's exactly what it feels like!" The only reason I know it is halfway unusual is that it often happens with feelings and situations I have no personal experience with.

All said, I'd love to be psychic, particularly a medical intuitive.

I totally agree with Amel's Realm. To have faith, you must question. To have faith, you must doubt. Without doubt or question, what is faith? It's a bit like light. Without dark, light, as a concept wouldn't exist. To me, having faith once you've questioned is true faith. Faith without questioning is blind faith, which is the kind of faith that leads people into trouble.

Michelle said...

Hi Nessa

That must have been scary for you as a youngster. :-( I blocked my dreams for about 5 years after I dreamt of a death before it happened. I agree with Tint (reply 4) - it's good to question. I still query and "poke" everything I get before passing it on or accepting it.

Very true and wise reply. :-)

Hi Shastri
Your reply reminded me of someone on a sailing boat. You need to have a clear head and keep in control even as you allow the wind to carry you forward. A balance between self control and self-less trust? ;-)

Well said about faith and questioning. :-)

Well.. personally I'm not sure about the label "psychic" on anything. I think one day we'll reach a stage of technology where we'll understand this isn't paranormal at all. I think when humans invented language they lost their connection to that part of their brain that deals with things like intuition, precognition and empathy. Oh yes - I do believe empathy is a psychic ability. ;-)

Tint~ said...

You make a good point there about labelling what was once probably a natural part of daily life. I guess it all boils down to what we perceive as being psychic then.

I love the way your blogs make me think :)

Bogey said...

Hmmm! Very interesting and thought provoking post. This reminds me of two quotes;

1) "Scepticism is the beginning of Faith". (Oscar Wilde)

2) When you come to the edge of all light that you know, and are about to drop off into the darkness of the unknown, Faith is knowing one of two things will happen: there will be somthing solid to stand on or you will be taught how to fly". (Patrick Overton)

It is kind of like the way people use prayers. When life is sailing along smoothly, we appear to just accept the everday as normal. However, when life presents us with the occasional hardship, forcing us to our knees; do we question our actions. Or, do we come to the realisation that we are temporarily helpless and cannot deal with the situation on our own and are asking for divine intervention. Then, if and when our prayers are answered, do we accept this gift from the great unknown or do we take the credit for getting out of the abyss that we find ourselves in? Things that make me go hmmmm!

Michelle said...

Thanks Tint

You know that boxing day Tsunami that hit a few years back? They were saying how no dead animals were found... none. The wild animals knew and fled. Was is a psychic thing or merely a sense we've long forgotten?

There are some scienctists who argue the whole 5 senses thing. Some even go as far as saying humans may have up to 16 senses (including things like sense of gravity)

I love finding things that make me think and I love sharing that sense of wonder. :-)

Hi Bogey

Thank you. :-) Nice seeing you around again. I hope that means you're feeling better now.

I just LOVE quote #2. It's so beautiful.... and true.

Qualityservice44 said...

I admire your Journal on dreams. I've often wondered how valuable dreams really are. One reads the Biblical dreams, but how could our own dreams help ourselves.
I have had dreams w/ a certain theme in them, and I've made a few adjustments as a result.

In my view, I guess the improbable, the intangible and the unseen relates to God to me. I've come a long ways, but with the humility that a person should have, there is so much I NEED TO DO to have a better relationship w/ him and a better life as a result.

Michelle said...


I think there are several types of dreams. THere are those where our mind just throws junk out, there's those that are our brain trying to make sense of something - often using symbols, and there are dreams that are more than mere dreams.

I think gut feelings often hint at which are which.

Hayden said...

I've lived most of my life in state of firm skepticism. When life got more ahem "animated" and undeniable stuff happened it was deeply reassuring that my shrink could say to me "you seem sane to me!" Currently I am astonished by my calm...I've turned my life on it's head as an act of faith, and somehow I continue to trust it completely. I keep wondering where the fear is, but so far it hasn't come. I suspect it will in time.

Michelle said...

My greatest moment was when I got back results from an evaulation thing (psychologist friend) that stated I was sane, but would "show signs of strong intuition."

It was like... "Whew!"

I hope the calm lasts and any panic passes fast. When I agreed to marry my husband (after knowing him one month on the internet) I felt utter happy calm.... followed by the day after saying "Yes" of complete mental hysteria and terror... followed by 8 years of complete certainty and calm.

It balances out. ;-)

Gopa said...


Seeing things before happening is spooky. I am glad to know that not all take skepticism as an inferior quality. I am looking forward to reading the details.

Michelle said...

Hi Gopa
Oh yes, I think skepticism is normal and healthy. I think it's only when we refuse to be open minded, either blindly skeptic or blindly believing, that we run into trouble.