Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Mother Nature - Mother Earth? Earth Mother :-)

As most of my friends/readers know, I sometimes get messages and see things beyond the normal seeing. Some are for sharing, some are either personal messages for one particular person or personal just for me. At first this recent one seemed to be just for me, but it hasn't turned out that way.

First one friend connected to what I'd seen/heard, so I told him. Then another friend connected in a completely different way, so I told her. Now today I shared with another friend who also connected to what I saw in another completely different way.This seems to be meant to be shared!

After I came out of hospital in August, I had a month of recuperating and doing nothing strenuous. Sitting at the computer was painful at first, so I had at least two weeks of not being able to do anything. It was during a long day of lying around doing nothing that a word kept popping into my head - MOTHER.

Eventually I realised I should at least try to find out why I was getting the word repeated over and over, so I asked for more information. I saw a woman's face. She had long silver grey hair, but her face looked younger. She was smiling and looked nice.

Some time later, in September, I was sitting in my bedroom (trying to write book 2 of the First Light Saga) when I started seeing her face again. This time I tried harder to keep my brain quiet and just... look.

I saw all of her this time. :-)

She was an average woman of average to slim build. Long straight thick silver grey hair, oval face. Smiling expression and a very strong feeling of gentle tender love. She was wearing a long dress, but I could see her feet were bare. When she came closer I realised her feet were actually tree roots. Her feet and toes were like the gnarled roots of very old trees. She even has some little seedling branches with leaves sprouting from her toes.

She lifted the skirt of her dress and I could see her legs were a deep darkish blue. Looking closer I realised they were water and there were whales and other ocean creatures swimming in them. Her legs were the oceans. 

From there she showed me other bits of her body, as if her clothing dissolved away... Her stomach area was molten rock and swirling fire, like the Earth's core or a volcano. Her breasts were dripping bees instead of milk. This seemed really odd, but it kept being repeated when I questioned it. Her throat was pale blue and full of flying birds. Her eyes were dark and full of stars. Her hair, up close, was actually heavy falling rain.

She was amazing. :-)

The first person I told was a friend who had sent me information on the goddess Durga - the ultimate Mother Goddess. After talking to him I realised that I was now getting two words - EARTH MOTHER. So I now had a name for what I had seen. :-)

The second friend I spoke to asked me why I hadn't seen her heart or why bees were coming from her breasts. I asked about this and was shown that her heart is a beehive, full of honey and bees. It is warm and buzzy and it holds all the seasons in it. It is female power.

The day I wrote to friend #1 I saw this on the Internet...

... and I knew I had a new set of friends to tell my story to. Particularly since I had already created my own "earth mother" for my Peace Globe...

So I told my next set of blogging friends - those busy Peace Bees working together to try to make our planet a better place. :-)

Now, today, I came across another friend talking about the power and strength of women. We were discussing female power and female animals that live in strong matriarchal societies like ants, elephants and bees.

Bees... the heart of female power hidden in a hive.

Over the weekend I tried to draw what I saw. It's very rough, but it gives a visual idea. If you click on it you can see it large with more detail:

Feet - old roots with new growth.
Legs - the deep blue oceans teeming with fish, dolphins and whales.
Stomach - Molten core of the Earth.
Heart - the hive and female power and all the seasons captured in the honey itself.
Throat - the sky and birds and the voice of every bird as one.
Hair - rain.
Eyes - the night sky and the Universe.

What better way to see in this year's Blogblast for Peace than with the essence of the planet itself as a powerful yet gentle loving all-embracing mother. :-)


Nessa said...

What a beautiful image for any time. I hope we can begin to be as good to our Mother as She has been to us.

Wordless Wednesday - Now That's Scary

రామ ShastriX said...

This is exquisite stuff, Michelle. Tweeted.

The whale in the leg reminds me of The Prince of Egypt, during the parting of the Red Sea.

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Anndi said...

She looks much like I had imagined her when you told me of her...


Amel said...

That is a BEAUTIFUL vision, M!!! WOW!!! :-))) I still don't know what to do with the Peace Globe or the post...we'll see if I have time to do it before I fly to Indo...hmmm...Inspiratttiioonnn, come to me he he...

Connie said...

Fascinating the way it all connects, Michelle. I liked your drawing.

Tint~ said...

Oooooh... I have a blog/site I check into every now and again where she speaks of the sacred earth mother whose womb is molten lava. Your earth mother reminded me of her. To me, the roots are what grounds her. Her legs are fluid, so she can move and change as she needs to. Her belly of lava, the center of her creative powers, is very intense. I love your beehive analogy. Breasts are nourishing too. I just can't make out the birds in the throat... singing? voice? air?

I love that you see things. You're amazing :)

Michelle said...

Hi Nessa
Thank you. Yeah, it's definitely time we took care of her with as much love as she's shown us for millenia.

Thank you. :-) I am most flattered to be tweeted.

Hi Anndi :-)
I must admit I was pretty pleased at how well it turned out.

Well.. you've got a lot in your life at the moment. I usually find I write my best stuff when I just say it plain and straight without thinking it out too much.

It was strange how it all connected up so nicely. Which is why I figured it was worth sharing beyond my emails. :-)

Hi Tint
Oh wow. I love your thoughts! You've given her extra depth I'd missed in my concentrating on capturing the visual.

I think sky throat might be for breathing - air sky, but the feeling I had the strongest was that her "voice" is all the birds songs of the planet. Can you imagine what that would sound like? wow :-|

Travis Cody said...

While I was reading the post, I was remembering what Mimi told me about this vision of yours. The picture of Earth Mother was coming clear. And then when I saw the drawing, it was almost exactly what I was picturing.


Michelle said...

Hi Travis

Happy Bzzzy bee wishes to you! :-)

Janice / Dancing with Sunflowers said...

Beautiful vision, Michelle. And beautifully drawn, too. I've experienced the sensation of becoming rooted to the earth during meditation, as though elbows, arms and other parts of my body touching the floor were taking root. It was a wonderful sensation.

Michelle said...

Hi Janice

That must have been a wonderful experience. Funny enough when I try to ground... I want to go up instead of down! Maybe seeing the Earth Mother will help me change that. ;-)

Alpesh Patel said...

Thanks for sharing this!

Unknown said...

Wow this is fantastic! Very original and beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing! <3

Michelle said...

Hi Sea Priestess

So glad you stopped by to read and reply. :)