Tuesday, 3 November 2009




  1. Ah... I could use that today :) Were you reading my mind?

  2. Really great picture, the perfect illustration for the words!

  3. I recently read somewhere that said " Remember you are unique, just like everyone else". These prophetic words shows the futility of comparing ...

  4. Hi friends

    It is a lovely one, isn't it? I didn't make this one. I was sent it in an email and had to share it. :-)

  5. Lao Tzu?
    Just where does this quote come from??

    After I quickly browsed the whole book of Chinese Tao Te Ching (very short indeed) and couldn’t find anything like it, I got angry and vowed to know the origin of the quote. I searched the English Tao Te Ching online and finally found it. It’s from section 8 of the book. (I’m very glad to encourage you to check out section 8 which was very beautifully written.)

    Yeah, it’s almost word by word translation, if I compare each sentence, but completely foreign to a Chinese person. Very foreign.

    Oh, and by the way, section 8 isn’t about uniqueness or being one’s self (personality); not even the English version really suggests this interpretation (although it is said so, but the context isn’t)

    Still if only looking at the sentence, the picture is a splendid match. Maybe it doesn’t need to claim as a quote, it has transformed the primitive one.

  6. Orone

    Thankd for explaining the story behind the actual original quote.

    I don't think it's ever possible to translate direct and perfect in any language, because there are so many subtle differences and hidden meanings to words.