Friday, 13 November 2009

Good Memories

I found some old photos in my computer today. I took this one in the Eastern Cape on honeymoon. The sign on the right read:
Specialists in Tweeds and Tartans

We went inside... but it was a post office. Not a sign of a hat or a tartan... or a McDuck! In fact, not even a sign of anything else they advertised on the outside and since no-one inside spoke English... we'll never know the story behind McDuck and his hats.

I still chuckle every time I look at this photo and think of the mysterious McDuck making tartan deerstalkers in the middle of a very hot dry Africa!


Connie said...

HA! Michelle, that is funny! Sounds like a story in the making. It is just asking for you to make up one about it. :D

Nessa said...

The basis of a story.

Flash 55 - Blue Gill

Anndi said...

I'm with Daisy and Nessa... it's a story waiting to unfold.

Bill ~ {The Old Fart} said...

It would be interesting to find out about the store. I wonder if it is still there?

Travis Cody said...

Now that's funny.

Michelle said...

It does sound like the making of a funny story, doesn't it?

Then again, truth is usually stranger and funnier than fiction!

Tint~ said...

I'm not sure about the rest, but I saw "Tuisgebak" and now I'm drooling!

Michelle said...


Yeah, that's part of why we went inside, but the weirdest thing was that the rooms were almost completely empty and in one was a post office counter! That was it - no baking, no tartan hats... nothing. So odd.

Sandy became addicted to koeksusters when he was in SA. My mom and I tried to make them once, but they were not a success!

Oh, we ordered food last week. Our Christmas treat. :-) We got braaipap, Robertson's steak spice and barbecue spice (they were on special) and jelly. I don't like British jelly. For trifles I need SA jelly!

Oh... and we got dad six boxes of Ouma's rusks as a Christmas gift, but we've already scoffed one box, to be honest.

The only down side is that the shop doesn't sell everything I crave. But at least we can get some foods from home. Now if only they did koeksusters life would be perfect. ;-)

Tint~ said...

Hmph! At least there's a shop. Man, what I'd give for some Ouma's. I tried to make rusks once. It turned out ok'ish, but was a lot of work for a half-hour pleasure. Yes, we scoffed them all in one sitting *sigh* I'll make you some koeksusters (I must get baking again), but they'll take a while to get there. Perhaps you should just wait till I get there in person and I'll knock together a batch or three for you... and me. Yummm!