Monday, 17 May 2010

Saturday Rambles - Loch Morlich

Saturday morning was beautiful and sunny, so hubby and I decided to go for a walk. I haven't walked in ages. What with recuperating from surgeries, hubby working almost every weekend in 2008, and me having to be more careful with the fibro... we just stopped going for walks completely.

So, this Saturday we grabbed a few snacks and headed out to find a nice spot to walk. Our first choice was way too cold (up higher and WINDY) and our second choice was too busy (no parking), but the third choice was just right. :-)

We stopped at Loch Morlich and took a walk down to the loch edge before having our lunch at picnic tables under the trees. Here's the walk down from the parking to the shore. To give you an idea of tree size hubby walked under that Scots pine without ducking and he's about 6 foot tall. The Scots pines here are some of the oldest and biggest in Scotland. They're one of my favourite trees. :-)

The view of the loch through the trees was very pretty, but the wind was FREEZING when you stepped out of the protection of the trees. :-(

Looking right...
Up closer on the "beach".
Since the wind was so cold, we ate our lunch back under the trees. I took this photo looking up above our picnic table. :-) I love Scots pines. They're such a pretty colour.

There are more photos of the forest below this post.


Connie said...

I loved your photos from this post and the one before it, Michelle. Thanks for sharing them. I enjoyed tagging along on your walk with you. :-)

Hayden said...

Oh, I especially love this last photo! Wonderful..... maybe because as a young girl I spent so many hours lying on my back under trees looking up. :-)

But she has an especially nice, benevolent feel, yes? Lovely tree.

Michelle said...

Hi Daisy
Glad you enjoy our walks together. *grin*

There's something magical about looking up into trees. :-)

To be honest the Scots/Caledonian pines all seem to have a good vibe, especially in this forest. It's an area that always feels fresh and happy. Like your body breathes in deeply and goes, "Aaaah."

Unknown said...

You say it's cold, but it doesn't look very cold. Are you just having low temperatures, or is this a year-long type of thing?

Amel said...

WOOOWWW...HUGE trees!!! :-D I remember going to Pori in summer and we visited the beach there, but it was SO cold (the wind) and strong that I had to put up my hood (good thing I had a hooded jacket) 'coz my ears were freezing and they felt SO painful!

Michelle said...

Hi Derik
It was actually a nice warm day, but the wind was cold. So as long as you were in shelter you could easily get by without a jacket, but the wind was way colder!

Otherwise we've had warmer than normal spring weather, I'd say.

Oh yes - frozen ears. That HURTS. I have had that in South Africa walking on the beach in winter. We can get fairly cold winds along the coast there too. Not as cold as here, but still cold enough to make poor ears ache. Horrible! :-P

tsduff said...

I'm SO in love with all of your beautiful piccies - haven't been around in a while and now I see what I've missed. xo

Michelle said...

Hi Terry!

I understand the not being around. I can't remember when I was on your blog eithjer. :-\ I've been thinking of leaving Facebook (or at least not going there often), because ever since I got active there I've stopped blog hopping. I just don't seem to have enough time for both and Facebook makes you lazy.

Vasant Prabhu said...

The pics tell the whole story isnt it? Nonethelesss your article fits in like a nice icing on the cake.

Michelle said...

Hi Vasant
Thank you. :-)
(and I think belated happy birthday?)

Unknown said...

Yes (Jun 3), Thank you very much :)