Tuesday, 27 July 2010

The Queen's Music Meme

Queen Mimi has issued a Royal Decree...

... actually it's just a meme, but Royal Decree sounded far more regal. ;-)

What do you have to do to join in the fun?
"Find a song that uses each word, either in the title or lyrics. Give us the title, or part of the lyric that fits, and the artist. Then say a little something about the tune and why you chose it. Posting a YouTube video of the song would be great, but not required."

Crumbs, Mimi... what a word selection! My song choices are:

1. WANT - "I want to Break Free" by Queen. There has to be a Queen song for a Queen Meme. *grin*

2. HELL - "Wandrin' Star" by Lee Marvin. One of my favourite songs from my childhood. :-)

Do I know where hell is? Hell is in hello,
Heaven is goodbye forever, its time for me to go.
I was born under a wandrin' star ...

3. SMACK - "Smack into You" by Jon McLaughlin

4. UGLY - "Ugly" by the Sugarbabes. I was actually looking for another song and stumbled on this one I'd never seen before. I'm not a Sugarbabe fan, but I really like the message in this video and the tune is enjoyable too. :-)

5. BEAST - "Reason Enough" by Andreas Vollenweider. Sung by Carly Simon.

All the King’s Men stand still in a thunder storm
Diamonds of rain on the skin of the battle worn
Eyes touching eyes in the sight of their long range guns
The bough that breaks, the cradle falls
Could this be reason enough?
The Beast that down to Eden crawls...
Reason enough

6. ROMEO - "Love Story" by Taylor Swift

I see you make your way through the crowd
And say hello, little did I know

That you were Romeo...

7. GOD - "Into the Sun" by Peter Gabriel.

May God's love be with you...


Amel said...

Never heard both of the video clips before. Interesting choices. I love some Sugarbabe songs, though you can't call me a fan he he...may God's love be with youuuu...:-D

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Good choices, very original.

RA said...

Ohh, you have nailed it! I'll run with this on my blog... tomorrow! :)

Anonymous said...

didn't think of the peter gabriel song. good selection...

Durward Discussion said...

Love your choices particularly "Wandrin' Star". That is one of the best scenes in Paint Your Wagon.

Michelle said...

Yeah, I tend to just like songs rather than being a serious fan of anyone in particular. :-)

Hi Jean-Luc
Thank you. I enjoyed your list of song choices too.

I await your list with eager anticipation! :-D You can link it to Mimi's original meme on her blog through the "regal decree" too.

Hi Coopernicus
Thanks and ditto.

Thank you and very true about the movie, it is one of the best scenes.

Mimi Lenox said...

I love your new profile pic. (grinning widely) I didn't know you'd used it here as well. Much appreciated. It inspires me so much when I see something like this. Thank you. Really.

The meme: I'm learning about new music today as I travel about. So many good choices by the players and beautiful songs. I will take a listen now.
Well played!

Hayden said...

whew. so glad I misunderstood this. Thought at first that one song had to include all of those words!

Michelle said...

What can I say? You and Papa are inspiring! ;-)

I have enjoyed this meme and found a lot of new interesting songs myself. Also had my brain whacked into remembering that I haven't visited some Mimi friends, like Jean-Luc in AGES. (tsk tsk me!)

If you decide to participate I know I'll enjoy your music choices, but I do understand that new farm equipment is far more exiting than YouTube videos. ;-)