Thursday, 7 November 2013

Thoughful Thursday 1 ~ To Boldly Go Where No-one has Gone Before

I've been so bad at blogging the last year or two. I decided I need to find something to spur me to return here at least once a week. I figured I like stuff that makes me think, so... how about a blog day for something thought-provoking ? And what better day than a Thursday? :-)

I know a few people who sneer at TV and say they don't own one, because they consider it to be a low form of intertainment. Mind numbing and mentally unstimulating. I've always thought that depended very much on what you choose to watch. Which is why I was very pleased when I saw this quote on Facebook this morning. It proves my point better than I could say it myself...

* If you want to join in, feel free to leave a link to your own Thoughful Thursday post in the comments section.


  1. Never knew that Whoopi experienced that when she was young. :-D SUPER COOL!

    I'm very tired today so I don't think I'm going to join in just yet, but I'll remember this and try to think of writing ideas. :-D THANKSSSS!!!

  2. I miss having a TV. Mine broke several months ago, besides which Direct TV (I should never have subscribed to something owned by Rupert Murdoch)keeps demanding I pay for a box that was picked up by one of their people 2 years ago, when my 2nd TV broke.

    However, with various online services I get to watch almost all of the programs (BBC America, Animal Planet, the History Channel, Chelsea Lately) that were my TV favorites.

  3. Amel
    Me neither. It was very cool. :-))

    Hi Nick
    I'm sorry to hear about your TV, but it is wonderful how much you can find online. We've even watched a few movies on Youtube!

  4. I like tv! I LOVE tv!

    I watch history, chick flicks, talk shows, game shows, a soap opera...everything in moderation. It's how you process what you watch that matters.

    Oprah is one amazing woman.