Monday, 2 July 2012

I am Here

I am here reading and pottering, but typing is hard so i will be quiet ahile longer. typing with one hand i'm not managing too well.

surgery went fine and i will be able to use my hand again in a week or two.



  1. Yeah, just take your time and don't type too much. I'm SO HAPPY to hear about your progress. :-)))

  2. glad everything went smoothly and hope the recovery continues.

  3. (((Michelle)) I'm so glad you are getting better! those of us devoted to your blog and other writing activities will wait patiently for your pearls of wisdom, wit, and wonderful photos :)

  4. I have been worried about you and had you on my mind so much. Sending healing peaceful thoughts and prayers to you.

    Don't overdo it with that hand. Rest and heal.

    mucho love

  5. thank you dear friends. I'm resting, still typing with one hand ... getting better - getting bored. lol

    love and hugs to you all



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