Tuesday 22 October 2013

A Treasured Invitation

My Homeland poem has always managed to travel further than I expect. It has brought me friends from all over the world and been been read in Germany, Africa and America. Now, starting tomorrow, it will be on display in Paris at a photography exhibition held by the Académie des Beaux-Arts at the Institut de France.

I'm so very proud of my poem. What a place to visit and be seen in! I hope it has fun in Paris. I'm betting it will get to meet so many exciting people, most especially the wonderful young photographer holding the exhibition, Katherine Cooper

Katherine very kindly sent me an invitation to the opening of her exhibition;

I will most certainly keep and treasure this invitation. I wish I could be there tomorrow, but my poem travels easier than I do! Paris is a little too far for me, unfortunately.  

I wish Katherine all the very best for this event and her future and send her and Hermine Videau-Sorbier my most sincere thanks for the invitation. I am truly honoured.


  1. How exciting and wonderful! Your words are touching people all over the world, Michelle. That is so cool! :-) I hope you are doing well.

  2. CONGRATULATIONS, M!!! What a wonderful way to have your words spread around the globe like this, eh? :-D

  3. Thank you Amel and Daisy.

    I am so proud. I had a huge nerdy brain-snob moment of looking at Paris on Google maps and thinking, "my poem's in Paris!" LOL



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