Wednesday, 28 October 2020

Blog for Peace 2020 ~ Perfect Vision

When I first sat down to write a post for this year's event... words left me. There was no room for them. All the space inside me was taken up with emotion.

This has been an exceptionally emotional year on a global level. We started with devastating fires in Australia (how we worried for friends and family over there!) and went straight on into Covid19 with its assorted political chaos, worldwide protests and then even more climate disasters. We have been inside a storm, not for days but for months. All of us. Everyone. No one is untouched by this year's events.

Canberra, Orroral Valley, January 28, 2020. New research suggests the recent record-breaking heat in Australia, which is linked to climate change, helped increase the region’s fire risk by at least 30 percent.
Nick-D/Wikimedia Commons (CC BY-SA 4.0)

All of this has taken its toll. I'm seeing more angry people than ever before. Because fear makes people angry, it's a natural survival mechanism. Fear makes us feel out of control - rage gives back the feeling of control. Rage helped us fight off the predatory beasts when we were a young species still throwing rocks and sticks.

Anger can be very useful as it gives us the courage to face our demons, but it has to be wielded with calm and a clear mind. Thoughtless anger is chaos. It's the mob burning innocent women as witches and the person refusing to wear a mask during Covid19 because they are secretly, deeply, afraid. Terrified that the virus really exists, so they pretend it's a hoax. Terrified that if it is a hoax some secret and even worse harm is being done to them, such as taking away their personal power and freedoms.


Just as you have to turn and face the wolves on the path, you have to face what you fear. You cannot fix the problem, or slay the demon, without first understanding the fear beneath your anger.

For me, it's been the realisation that I get most angry when I see people being irrational. Why? Because I fear they might do/say things they will regret once they've calmed down enough to see the truth. My rage is based on my fear of them doing terrible harm: to me or to others, to themselves and to their countries or our planet. But to find that truth I had to step back and see with my heart.

What secret fear drives your anger? 

Turn around and face it.

Find the truth in your heart.

Then take that truth and reclaim your power.

The phrase "2020 vision" means to have perfect eyesight; to see with utter clarity. Could there be a better wish for this 2020 year than that? To see clearly, from the heart? 

This is my hope and my prayer...


If being separated from each other during Covid19 has only one positive result it should be this: that in being forced apart we finally realised we are all in this together. One planet and one humanity. 

Dona Nobis Pacem... in 2020 vision.


  1. To see clearly, from the heart. One can do no better than that. An awesome write. I was so upset over the wildfires, the thought of all the terrified animals that burned to death so horribly. Humans have resources and the ability to flee. My heart always hurts for the animals - the images of those terrified koalas begging for water from humans. Oh, they hurt.

  2. Your post is so viscerally true. The video reminds me of a guided meditation I'm enjoying. I hear Buddhist monks praying (?)..exquisite harmonies.

    The prayer is from the heart of God and the work of the heart in all of us if we yield to that "small enduring light."
    This pandemic has forced us to examine whether we like it or not.
    Turning around to face some things.
    Thank you for the nudge. And the music. And the words.

  3. I love your vision and applaud your heartfelt prayer. Happy Mimi Peace Day, 2020!

  4. Wow, your words and peace globe are so powerful. And your line about how us being forced apart brougght about the realization that we are in this together. Peace and love to you, today and always.

  5. yes yes yes! well said. what is my secret fear; what is behind my rage? injustice. inequality. that nothing has changed since my people fled their homelands to bring their children up in a new world of 'freedom, liberty, and justice for all'. that there's nowhere for me to flee to in order to protect my own child. I have no choice but to stand and face it, because when my people say "Never Again", we mean it. and too many others unfortunately know exactly how that feels.

  6. Very belated thank you to all who replied last year. For some unknown reason, blogger stuck all of your wonderful responses into SPAM. :C

    I was really sad that no one responded last year. Little did I know how wonderful the response was. Thank you. <3



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