All photos Copyright of Michelle and Alexander Frost. 

I've used some of our favourite photos for blog banners over the years. It seems a pity to leave them in a folders, so I'm going to put all the old banners here when I take them down to put up a new one. I hope you enjoy looking at them as much as we enjoyed the experience of being there and taking them.
NOTE: Click on each to enlarge to full viewing size.

The Moray Coastline.

Winding River above Loch Ness.

Around Lossiemouth, Moray. 

Loch Morlich in Spring.

The Old Mill, Brody.

A perfect day... a Secret Place. ;-)

Lossiemouth - Left.

 Lossiemouth - Right.

Rosslyn Castle grounds, Summer 2010.

Lossiemouth Summer.
This one was taken waiting to see the dentist. 

Forres Park in the Frost.
We had the most amazing frost the winter of 2008. It turned the world into a crystal wonderland. Far prettier than snow, in my opinion.  

Woodland Roadside.

Winter in Forres.
I think this was New Year's Eve. We'd gone to town to buy a few last minute groceries and had to stop to take a few photos of that amazing sparkling frost.

 Going West... February, 2010.
Valentine's day, actually. It was on the way to Fort William, when I went to the John Muir Trust Wild Writing Prize giving.

 Poppies above Roseisle Forest. 
We had to walk through the fields to get this one.

 Findhorn in January.
Still lots of ice on the ground. In summer this bay is full of wind surfers and boats.

Spring Swan, Elgin 2010.
This was taken at a roadside stop. It was dirty, full of litter... and there beyond all that human mess was Nature's perfect beauty.