Monday, 14 July 2008

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Hi everyone!

I am still here, but my computer isn't. I've had a tremendous fight with it the last two weeks and at the moment my husband is in the process of sorting it out between two jobs and the last dregs of the flu = slowly.

At the moment I can't get to any of my word files (where I usually write my blog posts first) or my photos. :-( Hopefully they can be saved and restored and I'll be able to finally put up our holidays pics.

I'm now off to try and get my email adresses back working ... *SIGH*


Anonymous said...

Junk the PC and get yourself a Mac - you'll never regret it! Russell

Qualityservice44 said...

I totally understand the way you feel. I joined this group for those with Depression and learned later my computer at home (it's 8 years old) won't let me log into the group. So the only place I can log in and participate is when I'm at work. That's not a good arrangement!
Anyway, good luck with your computer problem. I don't see solving mine for a few years, when I finally get some money to buy another one.
I wrote a post about joining that Depression group.

Michelle said...

Hi Russel

Very tempting! My hubby's also been trying out Linux, but not all software works with it... yet.

Hi Vince
How fruatrating for you, but then 90% of working with computers is frustrating! I'll be over to read your blog later.

74WIXYgrad said...

Sorry to hear about the computer problem. I decided to treat myself, and got a laptop last weekend. It's great to be able to blog while sitting outside. My wife likes being able to go to her game sites while in bed.

Sorry I haven't been around ofetn enough. I'll try to improve.

Jean-Jacques said...

Hi Michelle, I use a handy little software application on my PC which keeps it squeaky clean from temp internet files (they include cookies and adware) which continuously accumulate on our hard drives as we surf the web. Those files are often the culprits causing stability problems with operating systems. The utility is called CCleaner and its free! You can automate it to work in the background on start-up or shut-down and you can set it up according to your preferences as well: