Wednesday, 6 August 2008

NEWSFLASH for summer

With credit to Jeff for inventing NEWS FLASH:

NEWS FLASH is basically news or thoughts that may be changing over time - an update or an evolution of thought that covers a multiple of topics. It is what makes a blogger tick and it is the reason why we read. So, with that in mind, I came up with NEWS FLASH as an acronym that stands for what is going on in life.
Life has been pretty quiet here as hubby is working weekends building a garage for an old friend and dad is working weekends as the Mill is installing loads of new machinery. One week just blurs into another when weekends are spent the same as week days. I'll be glad when we can have our weekends free to have fun again!

Other than our holiday break in England things have been really quiet. I had booked tickets for a show later this month (special birthday treat), but this Saturday I received notification from my Dr that I'm booked in for surgery three days before. Talk about BAD timing! I was refunded for the tickets, but I still wish I could swap the operating theatre for the other kind! ;-)
Best entertainment this month will be tomorrow, my birthday. :-) My mom's cooking a full roast beef with all the trimmings dinner. *drool*

This one was "WORK", but I have changed it into my favourite quote for the month instead, with one important twist - they have to be words from a fellow blogger! My Wise Words choice for June/July:

"If a little bitterness has come into your life today, dilute it, sweeten it, and enjoy."
From Grace at Realizing Ordinary.

I've been wondering recently if I shouldn't do as Jeff has and make two blogs - one for the everyday and one for the spiritual, but then the whole reason I started blogging was to create a place where I had myself complete... so would separating those parts of me be going against my original plan? What do you all think? Should I keep this blog for everyday life and start another for the spiritual stuff, like my post on reflections?

There was a family get-together this past weekend with the in-laws. Hubby's one sister and husband are over here from Australia and a large chunk of family got together on Sunday evening at his other sister's house to talk, eat, and talk some more. I felt strangely a part and yet apart from all the stories and memories, wanting to add my own stories... only to realise I was talking of people no-one in the room knew. My relatives are either dead or scattered over at least three continents. Mostly I don't think about that fact much, but being within another family brought it strongly into focus. Otherwise it was a very enjoyable evening and I am very lucky to have in-laws who do consider me to be completely part of their family.

Why is the modern world so obsessed with one kind of love? I mean, from TV to magazines and books the world sends out this message that only romantic love brings happiness. How ridiculous is that!? I can think of loads of other kinds of love that bring wonderful happiness - the love of friends, the love of parents and children, the love of pets... and even the love of strangers in those rare, but wonderful moments when humans reach out to each other.

By love of strangers I mean everything from the man in the supermarket helping an old lady reach the bread on the high shelf to real big acts like complete strangers risking their lives to save others in floods and other disasters or accidents. Romance is wonderful, but there are so many equally wonderful forms of love. I'd vote the thrill of having a baby smile at you way higher than receiving a Valentine's day card.

Love isn't just finding a life partner. It's the adoration in a dog's eyes as it watches you doing perfectly ordinary things. It's remembering the safety of being held in the arms of a parent as a little child. It's the hug from an old friend and the handshake from a new one. It's the nurse or ambulance person holding your hand when you're in pain and afraid.

What types of love make your day brighter?

Ah... easy one - surgery! I've known this was coming since January, but it's still not something anyone looks forward to. I'm having a hysterectomy as well as getting other internal damage fixed and the hernia repaired. So it'll be BIG surgery which means BIG pain. I'm not that anxious about that though - pain doesn't last forever. I'm more feeling weird about the hysterectomy. Since my miscarriage three years ago I've slowly come to terms with not having kids, but this still makes it final and irreversible. Some days I feel okay about that, other days I don't. I'm like an emotional yo-yo at the moment. Hopefully I'll feel better once it's over and done.

Smile of the month goes to my husband, who is weathering my yo yo emotional swings with patience, kindness and loads of hugs, kisses and cuddles. Not easy when I can go from weepy - to roaring irritable - to needy and clingy - to "leave me alone" cool - to... you get the idea! ;-) The man deserves a medal. Smiles (and hugs!) also to my mom and dad for being equally considerate and caring. I'm very lucky.


Home is an idea and a feeling as well as a literal place. Still working on finding my home, but until I do I have enough to keep me happy - I have better health then many, more money and security than most of this planet, enough talents to keep myself busy and good friends and family who love me for myself. What more do I need?


Amel said...

An early HAPPY BIRTHDAY and bday HUGS for you he he he...

GOOD LUCK on your surgery! I'll remember you in my prayers. Sorry to hear about the hysterectomy. It's normal that you have mood swings. It's not easy to accept something so final.

I'm GLAD to hear you've got all the support and love that you need. :-))))

What kind of love makes my day brighter? The encouragement from strangers about my Finnish, the smiles and thank yous from those people I manage to help, thank yous from those people who don't even need my help HI HI HI...and smiles from a little girl who doesn't even know me. :-))))

Qualityservice44 said...

I will pray for you as I dearly hope your surgery goes smoothly. I am very sorry to hear you won't have kids.
I think (referring to what you wrote in your "Spirit" section that you should keep it all together in 1 blog. I like NEWSFLASH format in your blog now.

Genie said...

Some women that have a hysterectomy find their lives are completely and totally transformed for the better. I wish this for you! I didn't realize you were having issues. I hope this surgery is the cure. My Dad just had hernia surgery and bounced back extremely quickly. Of course, there are lots of rules about how much he can lift etc. etc., but he's feeling really good. Really good drugs after the surgery made a huge difference in his pain level! I hope you take full advantage of good drugs. I also hope your recovery is just as quick as Dad's. As to the other internal damage, damn woman? You just been saving everything up for one big freaking surgery-fest or what?

As for your blog, please don't change it. I read your blog for all your perspectives and experiences. In fact, I'm unsubscribing from several blogs--I just don't have the energy to keep up with them anymore. I'm only sticking with yours and one other. So, if you split your blogs, it will be much harder for me to keep up!

It would be hard to be that far from family, I can understand your bittersweet feelings at the get-together.

I agree with you on love too. But I think so many of us are programmed from birth to think we must find romantic love and that until we do, we are not complete. It really is an unhealthy obsession. I encourage you to apply that same logic to the whole thing about the finality of the surgery. We are also programmed to think we should have kids--or at least be able to have them I suppose. And that something is wrong with us if we don't have them, can't have them, or don't want them. I think not having kids gives you so much more time and energy for spreading yet more love into the world. Because of my health problems and our current financial situation, I am grateful on a nearly daily basis that I chose not to have children. Life would be incredibly difficult for my kids and for us if we'd had them. I still hope to foster one day and look forward to being wise enough and loving enough to really make a positive difference in their lives.

Jean-Jacques said...

Hi Michelle, I missed your birthday - I trust it was a good one?! That roast sounded good..:-) (I made a note so I can get an e-mail off to you next year)

With respect to your other readers, (who would like you to keep this blended Blog format), I would like to see your spiritual posts either on their own blog, or searchable through an index - I have often in the past wanted to re-read one of your spiritual posts, but had to trawl through pages and pages of "older posts". Once they're archived its difficult to find them (spiritual posts are often worth multiple reads...)

"What types of love make your day brighter?"
The Love of not being judged - and not judging in return.

You are in my thoughts for a successful surgery and speedy recovery!

Blur Ting said...

First of all, a very happy birthday to you! You're blessed to share it with your loving family and very very good hubby.

I wish you speedy recovery from the surgery too. It's a big surgery, so you must remember to eat well and rest well ok.

I can totally agree with what you've said about the family get-together. I feel that way too at my boyfriend's family gatherings. I feel so a part, yet so apart when they're talking about things and people in their family circle.

You've got alot of wise words in your blog which I love. Once again, happy birthday and speedy recovery. Hope you'll get your birthday treat really soon.

Twilight said...

Michelle ~~~ Try not to stress too much over the operation. I know that's easy to say, hard to do. I had the same op, back in 1985. It was nowhere near as bad as I'd expected. They help with the pain, of course, and that wasn't a big problem for me at all. As far as the psychological side of it - well, I can only say my life changed so much for the better afterwards, that I wondered why I'd worried so much beforehand.

Warmest wishes for a fast post-op recovery ! You can be spoiled for a couple of weeks afterwards too - be waited on for a change - that part is fun! After that I found that gentle walking every day, around a mile, got me back in the swing again. :-)

Michelle said...


Thank you for the birthday wishes and prayers. I liked your reply about smiles and encouragement from strangers. THat's a good one to remember! Also good to remember that we are all "strangers" to others as well so we can make a difference back by smiling and saying a few nice things to strangers we meet too.



Thank you for the wishes and prayers. :-)


"damn woman? You just been saving everything up for one big freaking surgery-fest or what?"

I laugh every time I read that! I needed that - thank you! :-) and thank you very much for keeping me on as a blog you read. I do understand the not enough time thing - there are so many bloggers and blogs I like, but just no way I can keep up with them all.

Thanks for the pep talk on love, kids and surgery. You made some very wise points and you made me feel better. What more could a freaking surgery-fest gal ask for? I'm glad I came to meet you through blogging, Genie. :-)


Thanks for the wishes. I like your love choice - not being judged. One we all sometimes forget the value of! I am trying a new idea that might make things easier for you. I have added labeks to my old posts and put up a labels list below my profile on the left here. Get back to me with feedback if it was useful or not, please.

Thank you for all the wishes and prayers. :-)


Thanks so much for telling me your story - it helped a lot. and thanks for the all the wishes. I'll remember that about the walking. We have a walking machine we bought for my mom last year. I do a bit at lunchtime and after dinner. Trying to build up gently rather than my usual Leo habit of going to extremes and either doing no exercise or too much! lol