Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Completely Nuts!

This Sunday my dad decided to check on the bird feeders. We have three bird feeders up in the trees in the back garden. We used to keep seed feeders, but the wild birds eat it too fast, so now we just give them peanuts. Here's an example photo of a feeder from the RSPB online shop.

In the house before this one we had voles and mice sneak up onto them to grab peanuts through the mesh, but here the only unusual visitor we've had is a large woodpecker who comes for nuts at least twice a day.

My dad always throws out any leftover old nuts before refilling it. He throws them on the ground and the robin usually makes off with them... but not this Sunday!He went and got down the feeders, threw out the old nuts, then walked a few paces over to his bucket of peanuts to refill them. When he turned round to go back - what does he see?


Bunnyboy - scoffing peanuts! My dad says he was busy stuffing his fuzzy face full of peanuts. Munching away. He wasn't at all bothered by how close my dad was, but he did hop back under a bush when my dad walked towards him. All the scattered old peanuts were gone.

Is this normal for rabbits? I can't remember my pet rabbit ever eating anything as weird as nuts...

maybe this rabbit has gone completely nuts? :-D


74WIXYgrad said...

Sometimes you feel like a nut...Sometimes you don't-

That, by the way, is from an Almond Joy and Mounds commercial.

Connie said...

HA HA! I never heard of bunnies eating nuts, but then I think you have yourself a one of a kind bunny there. :D

Genie said...

I imagine bunnies are opportunists. Especially yours! And peanuts are good stuff!

Qualityservice44 said...

Rabbits are not that picky as far as eating goes. They feel the need to eat a lot.

Blur Ting said...

Now we know rabbits eat nuts. Incidentally, my dog eats roasted nuts too!

The Real Mother Hen said...

Hhmmm, a peanut eating bunny must taste really good when stewed :)

Twilight said...

You must not have squirrels in your neighbourhood, Michelle. If you did, I swear they'd have figured out a way to make off with the whole feeder full of nuts! We have to wage continual war with the cute and clever little creatures who try all manner of acrobatics to reach our feeders.

Unknown said...

I lol'ed when I read this post. The image of a bunny eating old nuts out of a dish in the grass is so strong and so funny I reacted from the viscera when I did.

My grandparents keep a squirrel feeder and a birdie feeder, and we have spent some time staring out the back window of the kitchen just looking at birds. I'm no biologist, but I find them rather interesting.

Michelle said...


Here we have a breakfast cereal advert for "Crunchy Nutters". I think our rabbit quslifies for both advert jingles. ;-)

Daisy and Genie
I have rabbit updates whick I'll be posting soon.

Vince S said...
Rabbits are not that picky as far as eating goes. They feel the need to eat a lot.

mmm... the fact I am a rabbit in Chinese astrology suddenly made lots of sense... ;-)

You reminded me - my friend in school had a dog that loved nuts and dried fruit.

Mother Hen
Is there anything you wouldn't eat? :-D

We live with no trees here, surrounded by farmland, which means not many wild animals except the birds and bunnies.

Glad you enjoyed that story. That rabbit makes me burst out laughing here pretty muh every week. He's always doing something crazy/funny.

I love watching birds and animals. I started because my dad feeds the birds... started noticing that some wild critters have very distinctive personalities and I was hooked. Crows are still among my favourites, but it's amazing what you start noticing with observation.