Monday, 3 November 2008

Autumn Weekend


This weekend I took some photos of the trees on the way to the shops. There were even nicer trees, but no places to stop the car. These photos are taken at places along the forest road where we could stop. I like this first one because you get to see the contrast of shade and sunlight...
A smaller road through the forest...
A really nice big tree...
Leaves under the trees...


  1. I LOVE the first pic, too!!! It reminds me how quickly autumn is gone and away here in Lapland he he he...

  2. What pretty pictures you have. Unfortunately, fall has come and gone in my state, with the colors fading quickly and the trees now laying dormant and recessed, their skeletons haunting the early darkness and reminding us only of shadows of the summer. I'm glad someone gets to enjoy the season!

  3. I love your fall pictures. Fall used to be my favorite time of the year just b/c of its beauty. But then I love the extra daylight of the summer and so I like that season best now.
    But your pictures are a great reminder of a beautiful season!!

  4. Beautiful photos, Michelle. Thanks for sharing these. Yellow is my favorite color so I like the leaves turning that color. What I don't like is the fact that winter comes next. Might as well enjoy what is here today, though. :D

  5. It's been so long since I lived anywhere that there was FOREST, I'm green with forest envy. Your blog makes me ache for trees!

  6. Great pictures, Michelle!

    We've had a stunningly gorgeous fall here. Really. The best in many years. I don't have any pictures, tho. Just didn't have the camera with me. But Oaks, Maples, Hickories, Locusts just blazed and seemed to want to outdo each other.

    I love the fall. It's always been my favorite season.

  7. You always appear to be going to/through such scenic places! I hope you enjoy them as much as it seems you do. I sure do.

  8. Amel
    I was reading how your in snow with temperatures below freezing already up there. You certainly live in an amazing and extreme part of the world!

    The other extreme of hotter climates can be dull too - when I lived on the coast in Africa winter was just ... beige. Our seasons were green, green and flowers, green, green and beige. It gets surprisingly boring.

    But, reading your blog, I think you need to move to a nicer state when you can. Life's too short to spend it in a place that doesn't feed your soul.

    Oh I love the long summers here too. I suppose the truth is every season has its perks... except I have to agree with Daisy that parts of winter are my least fun season experience.

    Yellow's my mom's favourite colour. I was the kid who grew up with a yellow room, yellow party dresses... I hated yellow as a teen, but now I love it too. :-) and oranges!

    Yeah, I'm not keen on late winter here. Early winter, with first snows and Christmas. are exciting, but by January I've had enough.

    Ooooh, that sounds glorious and I'm betting it was too. :-)

    The honest truth is that the countryside of the UK is mostly gorgeous. There are dull bits, but mostly this island just oozes charm. I could spend my life taking pictures. Africa, by comparison, is bigger and impressive, but like America huge vast open spaces can become huge vast boring spaces.

  9. How delightful to see your ‘autumn photos’ … for here in Southern California at the beach there are few signs of the changing season, so I must experience ‘fall’ vicariously ;--)
    Hugs and blessings,

  10. Hi Michelle...

    It looks a lot like this in France right now!! It's sooo beautiful I just want to frolic through the forests!!

  11. Hi Leesa and storyteller

    So sorry I never replied - I competely missed this.

    The trees were still beautiful this weekend, but we've had strong winds today so I'm wondering how many leaves are gone by now.

  12. wonderful pictures Michelle
    hope you are having a great day

    lots of love from andy & mel

  13. Hi Andy and Mel :-)

    Hope you two are having a good weekend. At least they say it'll be sunny.

  14. Hi Michelle

    aye we are having a wonderful time the old bus has been through her mot and is totally legal so we are now bimbling up to Edinburgh then the A9 to inverness and beyond

    lots of love
    andy & mel xx

  15. Andy

    You guys ever come East leave a note on my blog, we're in Moray, around Forres-Elgin area. I'd love to say hi in person. :-)

    PS... continental market's in Inverness this weekend and Elgin next weekend. REALLY good food! We'll be noshing our way through Europe. ;-)

  16. Hi Michelle we will let you know
    aye it would be so good to meet up


    Ps that got my wee belly rumbling shoot of to get some breakfast

    have a great time noshing your way around the world xx

  17. hi michelle

    just popping by to say Hi

    hope all is well and you had a great weekend


  18. Hi Andy

    We had a great weekend. We took my parents out to Skye, loaded down with food and snacks. It was a long drive, windy as heck, but wonderful.

    Hope you're keeping well. Wish Spring would become genuine warm weather now!

    Love to you and Mel