Friday, 28 November 2008

Fluffy like Concrete

Several years ago an online acquaintance accused me of being ‘fluffy’ and New Age. In his opinion my spiritual views were vastly inferior to his own and based on insubstantial… well… ‘fluff’.

At the time I felt too hurt to reply to him. I’d never thought of myself as New Age and I’d never ever thought of my spiritual beliefs as “fluffy”, but I had no idea how to make him see that. That was a long time ago and I’ve learnt a lot about myself since then. Now, if I were to meet that opinionated argumentative man again I’d say, “Yes, I’m fluffy – fluffy like concrete.” :-)

My husband inspired that reply by telling me a story from his past. When he was younger he worked on a building site with a Welsh labourer who used to admire the concrete going around in the concrete mixer - saying in a thick Welsh accent, “Nice and fluffeee!”

I think faith should always be fluffy like concrete – soft, gentle, loving and compassionate, but built on a strong personal foundation. Being gentle is not being weak. Seeing the good in others is not being gullible. Standing in your own personal faith does not have to be done with agression.

It is possible to be meek and enherit the earth… if you’re fluffy like concrete. ;-)


Amel said...

GREAT post, M!!! And thanks for making me feel EXCITED (you know why) HE HE HE HE...

I don't really like talking about religion, except when it comes to my faith 'coz it's about myself (and God)...but I don't want to say anything about anybody else's faith unless they do things to destroy themselves and other people, then I'll say something he he...

Happy weekend!!!! BIG HUGS!!!

Unknown said...

I can't stand people who make judgments based on religious principal. After all, most people here are zombie-worshiping cannibals, but I don't say anything about that. I'm glad it got sorted out for you, though, so enjoy your spiritualism.

Jean-Jacques said...

Preach it, sister, preach it!! ;-)
(nice post), J.

storyteller said...

I love the idea of being 'fluffy like concrete' ... what a powerful image! Thanks for sharing this story and have a great day ;--)
Hugs and blessings,

Blur Ting said...

Indeed, you're so right about concrete being fluffy, yet solidifies into a strong foundation. You're an epitomy of concrete Michelle!

Michelle said...


I think you have a good philosophy about religion. BIG HUGS back! :-)

Hi Derik
How are you doing? Interesting reply... I would think it very sensible not to say much to anyone who was a zombie-worshiping cannibal. ;-)

LOL :-D I haven't forgotten your email, ok... that's a lie. :-\ I DID forget, but I will get the info you want to you before 2009, I promise. ;-)

Hi Storyteller
Always nice seeing you again. Thank you for the kind words. :-)

Hi Ting
Ah, you speak like someone who knows the construction industry! :-) Thank you for the compliment.

PV said...

"Being gentle is not being weak"

Funny how so much of the world misses out on this, isn't it? It's only the strong, the confident, who can put things aside and truly be gentle. Can be fluffeee, gentle, soft and loving as they have a concrete strong foundation. Very well put Michelle.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how your acquaintance defines New Age?

Anything that touches and expresses spirit with a conscious heart rather than ego, moment to moment, is a viable spiritual path worth following. I cannot make the choice regarding the rightness of such a path for another. Only for myself.

Hard or soft, resist or yield, give or take... each has their season and their reason and their moment

74WIXYgrad said...

We aren't supposed to judge. I do like the fluffy like concrete principle.

Have a great day!

Genie said...

That's just genius! I've been accused of fluffiness plenty of times. As long as being fluffy doesn't mean being a fundamentalist of any sort, then I'm all for fluffy. But I'll always remember fluffy like concrete now, that stuff will rip your arm right out of its socket if you are dumb enough to stick your arm in it. And if someone is dumb enough to stick their arm right into my, um, fluffiness, they're in for a nasty surprise.

Michelle said...

Hi Pete
Very true - you need to be calm and centred to be strong, not loud and agressive. I think the modern world has forgotten the power in the quieter, softer things.

Hi Emma
His opinion of New Age was very negative. In a way he did me a favour there. I'd never particularly liked the phrase "new age". I've always been someone who finds labels irritating, but after my encounters with his prejudice I realised my dislike of labels was in itself a kind of prejudice. In other words I lightened up because he couldn't.

This is beautiful:
"Anything that touches and expresses spirit with a conscious heart rather than ego, moment to moment, is a viable spiritual path worth following."

yes :-)

I think of you as a prime example of fluffy like concrete. :-)

Every time I read your reply I start giggling all over again. I'll never be able to look at a concrete mixer the same way again. LOL

Connie said...

What a great image, Michelle. This one really made me smile. :D

Michelle said...

:-) thanks Daisy.