Monday, 1 June 2009

Six Things...

Cliff has tagged me to...
"list six things that are unimportant but make me happy then tag six others."

1. Birds singing outside my window

2. Sitting dozing in warm sunshine...

3. Cute baby animal videos

4. The smell of fresh coffee

5. Standing under a tree

6. Squishy Soft toys

I am tagging:
Orone, because I'm sure she'll have a lovely list of happy things
Derek, because I'm sure he'll find this one a challenge (grin)
Martha the Crow
...because I'm sure they'll all have interesting lists. :-)

* Note to all tagged: No pressure to do this - you can always leave it if you wish.


Amel said...

Mmmm...dozing in warm sunshine makes me feel good, too he he he he he...THANKS for the tag. Let's see what I can do hi hi hi...

Connie said...

I like everything on your list, Michelle---except the smell of coffee one because I'm not a coffee drinker and never really cared for it. Make it tea or hot chocolate, and I'm there. HA! :)

I love the little kitten fighting sleep. :D

Live, Love, Laugh, Write! said...

Those all make me smile too!

Bogey said...

Cute! The kitty reminds me of my afternoon head bob at my desk!

PV said...

mmmmmm coffee......

Unknown said...

Thanks for the tag and I'll see what I can do.

Qualityservice44 said...

hearing birds singing and smelling good coffee are things that I love as well.

Anonymous said...

I just wrote my six things yesterday. Thank you for tagging me. Squishy soft toys is one of my favority too.

74WIXYgrad said...

Great list. I hope to have a few nonstressful minutes so I can work on acknowledging your award and passing it out.

Michelle said...

Some days, as a real treat, hubby pulls our bed over till it's under the sun and I lie there and snooze. I actually got my legs a bit sunburnt last time. :-D

I must get to your blog to see your 6 choices.

To me coffee is a bit like steak - two things I think usually smell better than they taste!

I prefer tea myself, but I do drink a cup of coffee in the morning.

Hi Rose
You are welcome to take the tag. I'd love to read your 6 smiles list. :-)

LOL Yeah, I'm that kitten when I'm a passenger in a warm car myself. ;-)

Hi Pete
How are you keeping? :-)

Let me know when you're done. :-)

You can't stay blue with birds singing... or good coffee on a cold day.

I loved your story about the bunnies! I will get there to reply properly. I love your list. :-)

Hi Cliff
Here's to more non-stressful moments - or at least to ways to laughing away the stress.