Thursday, 13 August 2009

I'm back! :-)

Can you tell I'm smiling?

Hubby managed to save all my data and my computer is finally back in one piece. The only problem is that in saving everything some files doubled up and my emails re-installed in triplicate!

So at the moment I am wading through everything to delete the extras. I also lost my email address book and am having to re-install each email address manually. Another long plodding job. It's boring, but way better than sitting here with an empty screen, like this time last week!

I had a great birthday weekend and will get around to thanking all my well-wishers properly soon. For now...
THANK YOU everyone for the lovely birthday wishes. :-)

This Sunday I go into hospital for my hernia operation on Monday morning. I might be gone a few days. THen I've been told to rest and not lift, strain or bend and pull anything for six weeks. Loads of time to rest and write blog posts... and another book. *grin* I have the ideas for the second book in the First Light Saga all ready to weave together. Given this recent scare I'll be backing up everything on more than one computer this time - just in case!


Tint~ said...

Welcome back, my friend! :) It was good to see something from you in my feed and you got all your data back too! Wonderful!

I'll be thinking of you this weekend. I'm glad you're finally getting your hernia sorted out. Perhaps it is a good thing if it makes you have quiet saga-sequel writing time ;) Aw... as long as you're well.

Live, Love, Laugh, Write! said...

That picture is too funny! Hope the operation goes smoothly :)

Kerry Bryne said...

Michelle-Best wishes. Hope that your enforced restful time is,indeed, restful.

Also, glad to hear that your computer files were saved. I had the frustrating experience of losing all photo files of my son constructing our three-season porch. Since then, I've learned to use an external hard drive back up regularly.

Connie said...

I'm glad your computer is back and working for you again. Best of luck with your surgery. I hope all goes smoothly and you heal quickly. Hugs and prayers going out from Daisy. :)

Michelle said...

Thanks Tint

I intend to make my recovery perioda furious writing mania time. ;-)

Hi Rose
That goat is so cute. :-D Thanks for the get well wishes.

Hi Kerry
THe worst was that I was actually in the process of moving and saving things when my computer went down. THank heavens my husband fixes computers for a living and was able to reinstall and restore everything. I lost computer artwork I'd done the first time my computer crashed. Stuff that took me weeks to create and was completely irreplacable. I learnt from that!

Thank you Daisy :-)
((HUGS)) back!

Amel said...

GREAT idea for your recovery period! :-D GLAD to hear that all your saved data is fine now. :-D

Take care...wish you a smooth operation!

Qualityservice44 said...

having too many e-mails and things after your computer problem is probably a lot better than "everything being gone" like it could be when you had that type of computer problem.
Hopefully, with a little time, you will be running at full speed.

Michelle said...

Amel and Vince

Thanks for the get well wishes.

oh yes, having too much is WAAAY better than losing stuff!

Vasant Prabhu said...

As i write this you may have already gone through the Hernia operation, here's wishing you speedy recovery

Hayden said...

ugh. sorry to hear, but delighted that the problem is "mechanical" and not too serious.... glad, too, that you are taking your time with recovery and being cared for! Don't push the envelope, your body will tell you when it's ready to be up and doing!

Michelle said...

Hi Vasant
Thank you. :-)

Oh I'm being way more careful this time! Two years ago I had surgery to rescue and repair a damaged ovary and it was 4 month later I overdid things and.. bang - hernia! :-( So this time I am not straining, stretching or lifting anything. I do not want that back again. It was horrid.