Sunday, 30 August 2009

Newsflash for August

August was so weird that the best thing I can do is to just dump the whole month under a...

Wise words

Bunny boy has been enjoying our garden all summer. I'm trying to get a good video of him washing himself, but every time I try he either turns his back on me or stops. grrrr!

The bramble berries are ripe here already. I'm going to get hubby to go pick some for me, so I can bake an apple and bramble berry crumble. The last two houses we rented before this had apple trees and I even made my own mint and apple jelly. I miss those trees. It's a wonderful feeling creating food from things right outside your door.

The whole family is hooked on a TV documentary about Monkey World, the Ape and Monkey rescue centre started by Jim Cronin in the 1980's. We've watched through three generations of chimpanzees and orangutans. Not only is the TV show highly entertaining, but it brings to attention the plight of some endangered species I never knew existed.. or that they were so endangered.

My favourite personality is Sally, the chimp who "runs" the nursery as foster mum. She has raised, taught and taken care of baby chimps from as diverse sources as abandoned pets, rejected babies, stolen pet-trade finds and abused circus animals. But the prettiest primate, in my opinion, is Peanut, the golden-cheeked gibbon. She's just gorgeous.

The work in conservation and care that the people of Monkey World have done and continue to do is incredible. If you have the chance to view this show (or merely view the website) it!

My Wise Words choice for August are from Hayden, of Lyric Flight.
I daydream about growing forts of sunflowers for my nieces' kids to play in; I dream of planting willow twigs fastened together in the form of chairs and benches, and think of the time to come when I will be able to sit in them.

In the meantime, instead of having my landscaper limb the "weed" tree up, as he suggested, we cut a secret path through the cascading limbs and blanketing leaves. There is room, on the far side, to create another garden room if someone has the energy and interest. My contribution will be only the path.

Too much is "cleaned out" and on open display; yards need room for the hidden and secret, where our hearts can learn to bloom freely.

Let the new owners limb it up if they choose: but I leave them the promise of secrets if they choose to indulge.
Lovely, Hayden. :-) It made me think of the photo I've used for my new blog banner - mysterious magical places. SPIRIT
For this one I'm sharing a favourite link of mine to Worriers Anonymous. They have a selection of soothing music, from gentle gospel, new age and classic to nature sounds., They're set to nature photography. They're all lovely and soothing. I often leave them running in the background when I'm working.

Last week, the day I came out of hospital actually, we were contacted by family with the news a family member had died. My cousin's ex-wife was shot as she sat in her car waiting to refuel at a petrol Station. I have no words to express the shock and sadness the whole family feel at this news.

The lesson of this month has been - never take anything for granted.

My Artist choice for this month is a group called the High Kings. I love this song and hope you enjoy it too.


It's now two weeks since I had my operation. I can't touch my feet yet, but I can get out of bed without needing help. Every day I'm getting better. :-).



June Saville said...

Recovery often seems a long road.
Such a mixture, this post. Thanks for letting us in.
June in Oz

Michelle said...

Hi June

Always nice to see you. :-)

Yes, it was a really odd month.

Jean-Jacques said...

Very inspiring song by India Arie, Michelle - even for the boys!

Glad you are feeling better!


Hayden said...

Glad you're feeling better, Michelle - I'm so out of touch I need to go and back read, learn what happened.

Thanks for the kind words and quote/link. Maybe that means I need to get back on-blog.

Sad to hear about the death, and you are so right about the lesson. Such things shock us into seeing clearly for a time.

Michelle said...

Hi Jacques

Thanks for the get-well wishes. :-)

Hi Hayden
I understand, I haven't been anywhere online much in over a month and I haven't been near any blogs. I hope you're keeping well.

Amel said...

SORRY to hear about your cousin's ex-wife. I was also SHOCKED when I read it. is SO unpredictable!!!

Glad to hear you can get out of bed without needing help. LOVE that pic of the "secret garden" and the video clip. Awesome voices!!!

Connie said...

Very nice post, Michelle. You packed a lot in for no longer than the post is. I'm so sorry to hear about the death in your family. It is a reminder to live each day as fully as we can, isn't it. I enjoyed your friend Hayden's words too. Hang in there with the recovery. It will come. It just takes patience and time. Be good to yourself.