Tuesday, 29 December 2009

I am thrilled to recieve an award from my dear friend and fellow blogger, Cliff of WIXY'S Gone Bananas.
"Next is the "Bananas are good for your health" Top Banana. This goes to Michelle of Crow's Feet fame. Michelle has had some health issues this past year and I hope that this might make her smile, which would help her feel better. Michelle is one who does what she can to make me feel better as we are good friends off the blog and on Facebook, as well as exchanging emails. Michelle lives in Scotland. She moved there from South Africa. She is also a published author."

This award really is the cherry on the cake in a very fruitful year of blogging. :-)

Now for my award speech...


2009 had its fair share of lemons and I know I'd have had a much harder time (even gone bananas) if it wasn't for my berry good blogger friends... like you, Cliff. :-) You're a peach for picking me. This award is a grape honour, certainly nothing to trifle with. I'm jelly proud to add it to my side bar. If I feel melon-cholly next year... I'll go look at it and smile. So... I hope you read between the limes here and understand how truly apple I am to know you and count you as a friend.



74WIXYgrad said...

Okay, the first thing I noticed as I went to comment was the verification word, which is "punwo". Funny because of all the puns you cleverly put in your post.

But after that all I can say is I'm glad to be part of your fruit salad.

Blogging has been berry berry good to me.

RA said...

LOL Wonderful wording, Michelle! It upped me so, especially since the verification word was UPEDSO. Where do they get these words...more often than not they match the general idea of the comment given...? :/

Amel said...

He he he...you make me smile, M, with your puns he he he...:-))))

Have a BEAUTIFUL New Year!!! :-D (oh, and I got plutst as my verification word HI HI HI...)

Michelle said...

PUNWO? LOL It's perfect. :-)
Have a great New Year!

Those words are generated by blogger... think a leprechaun got in there and tweaked the word choices? That one's perfect too and so was Amel's. How funny! :-)

Hi Amel

PLUTST? Now I'm really giggling here! :-))

Have a great new year!