Monday, 15 March 2010

The Ides of March

The Ides of March (15th) are most famous for being a warning. Julius Caesar was foretold to "be ware" them... and was actually murdered on the day. What I never bothered to find out was what the word "Ides" means. My dad, a great lover of small details and quirky facts, did that research for me. Last week he found out that the word means "half division" of the month.
So the Ides of a month are the midway day of a month.

I was sent a very cute poem about the "Id's" of March by my fellow blogger friend, Shastri. :-)

I'ds of March

I'd like the wind to sweep a snowless path,
I'd like the rain to soothe the winter's wrath,
I'd like the sun to warm the barren earth,
I'd like spring to have an early birth.

Talitha Botsford


Amel said... I know what Ides means and how it relates to the poem HE HE HE HE...:-D The Ides of March marks my anniversary - the day I officially moved to Finland. It's my 3rd year now! :-D

Connie said...

Very cute poem, Michelle. I like it. :D Thanks for sharing it.