Wednesday, 10 March 2010

VERY Different! :-)

Well, after an entire day fighting with blogger templates and pages I finally figured a way to create the page I wanted... by placing a blog within a page.

Hopefully this has worked. Feedback would be appreciated! :-)

To find the link please click on "FIRST LIGHT BY MICHELLE FROST" , above-right of the world clock, and take the link from there.


Ordinarily Just Me said...

Very nice.

Connie said...

I don't know anything about how to fuss with templates, so I'm of no help, I'm afraid, but I clicked on the link and the page looks great to me. :)

Michelle said...

Thanks O Just M

Thank you for checking. I hope that means you did reach the page with the stars background? I wasn't sure if the link thingy was obvious enough or not.

I've done website forum artwork for a few years - backgrounds, banners and even emoticons. I know my way around a forum (sounds like a Roman joke. LOL), but blogger has these limitations... especially since html leaves me a bit... goggle-eyed? 8-x

Amel said...

Ahhhh...that stars background suits the book really well, M! :-D

Hayden said...

wow, that's gorgeous!

I'm at a complete loss with templates. Must reserve time to learn this.

yeah, right.

Michelle said...

Thanks Amel :-)

Computers I'm fairly okay with, but I've still to figure out how to text on a phone. LOL

FYI... The template I used was "Harbor", which is white with a lighthouse on the left. I went into html - swapped the white code for black on all the background bits (several trial and error moments there!) Then I swapped their lighthouse graphic with the stars graphic.

The first few attempts were horrendous. I had to delete the entire template and start again.