Friday 30 November 2007

My First Christmas Gift

My first Christmas gift arrived in the post today. Amel sent me a card and a really cute and pretty gift Christmas stocking all the way from Finland!

I have put it up on the shelf in my bedroom. You can see it here, but it's much prettier than it looks here with a lacy brocade material for the "sock" and a ruched satin trim.

Thank you Amel! It was such a lovely surprise. :-)


  1. He he he...UR welcome, M! Glad it arrived safely! When I went to the store to browse around for something to send you, I fell in love with the sock right away 'coz of the texture and the colour. ;-D Glad you liked it! ;-D

  2. By the way, I LOVED your Angel B-day card. ;-D

    Here I wrote something in this post:

    Gorgeous 29th Birthday

  3. I have been so busy this week and had no time to check the blogs - I missed the bit about you getting your ecard.

    Whew! Glad it got there. I used my mom's email to send it as she's the one with that ecard account, so I was worried it might not work or something.

  4. Oh, no wonder it was a different email addy he he he he...

    No worries about not having time to check the blogs. I have written a lot of posts since I started blogging for money...'coz I don't wanna lose my friends if I write down too many ads without equal personal posts. ;-))))

  5. Hi, M!

    Just wanna share another award with you he he he...


  6. Hi, Michelle and Amel!! They're cute!! Now I remember in one of Amel's posts that she wrote something about looking for a gift for someone...hmmm..."Where's my present?!" Huahhh :(

    HA HA HA...just kidding! Happy Weekend!! ;D

  7. Hi Crystal

    Thanks and happy week and NEXT weekend to you too. :-)

    Amel. Thank you for the award - this one I REALLY like! :-)



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